Ciku Muiruri wins legal battle against Moha Jicho Pevu


Ciku Muiruri wins legal battle against Moha Jicho PevuCiku Muiruri wins legal battle against Moha Jicho Pevu: Former Classic FM radio presenter Ciku Muiruri, on Thursday, October 24, announced that she had won a lawsuit filed against Standard Media Group and Nyali MP Mohammed Ali alias Moha Jicho Pevu.

“The High Court has ruled that they will pay me damages running into the millions, in regards to a clip they used of me on their programme a few years ago,” she stated.

On May 1, 2014, the former radio presenter sued Moha for allegedly linking her to the infamous Artur brothers.

She narrated to the court that a clip played on April 2013, in one of the Jicho Pevu episodes showing her in the company of Artur Margaryan and Artur Sargasyan maligned her personality and ruined her future prospects.

Ciku Muiruri on October 24, 2019, won a lawsuit she had filed against Standard Media Group and Moha Jicho Pevu

She was featured in an episode titled ‘Ghururi ya Saitoti‘ an investigative feature that delved into the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of former Internal Security Minister, George Saitoti and his assistant Orwa Ojode.

The clip showed close interaction between her and one of the brothers, going on to pose for photos, a scene which she told the court came about when she visited their Runda house as a journalist, looking to interview the elusive duo.

In her latest statement, the ecstatic author maintained that the money could never be enough to help cover her tarnished name, adding that she was glad that justice was served.

“The court process can be slow but the system works. The money will never be enough; because you can’t put a price on your name, so the fact that I have finally cleared mine; is wealth beyond measure,” read an excerpt of her statement.

Ms Muiruri revealed that she would use her new-found fortune to educate a girl in need and prepare her for a harsh world.

Ms Muiruri maintained that she was never involved in the death of Prof Saitoti, neither was she part of a plan to execute the minister or any other persons and that the statements exuded irresponsible journalism, were malicious and intended to injure her reputation.



Ciku Muiruri wins legal battle against Moha Jicho Pevu

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