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Unsung Heroes: USA Diaspora Kenyans Who Made A Difference In 2019

Unsung Heroes: USA Diaspora Kenyans Who Made A Difference In 2019

Unsung Heroes: USA Diaspora Kenyans Who Made A Difference In 2019
Unsung Heroes: USA Diaspora Kenyans Who Made A Difference In 2019

During the year 2019, Kenyan Parents in USA administrators were keen on following the achievements of Kenyans living in USA Diaspora and after sending out a questionnaire to over 120 experts, they were able to compile a list of Kenyans that made a difference during the year 2019.

These are selfless Kenyans that strive to improve the lives of their fellow Kenyans who at times are caught by calamities such as illness, undergoing through mental depression, substance abuse, empowering, or assisting them to lead a progressive life full of fulfillment.

We even sourced good mentors, motivation speakers and spiritual leaders who guide people to become the best they can be. Many might be gold in dust but a good mentor can train us to extract that gold and become exceptionally valuable.

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Many people never attain their full potential, nor reach their destiny because they

lack the expert guidance of a mentor and that is why such people appear here in order to motivate and guide us further.

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The list also covered individuals that have demonstrated great skills in their entrepreneurship and it was long and hence, we had to size it down due to repeatation of similar categories.

The list however does not follow in any order and the person selected are randomly placed not in any priority and therefore  the person appearing last in the list could as well come to the top.

After selecting the people suggested we gave the same to our newpaper correspondent Jean Kamau to use her jounalism skills and as an experience judge in many events to further shortlist the same. Here are the finalist and we do wish them to continue serving the community while inspiring others so that they can also have a chance to shine next year.

Dr Jean Kamau MBA Phd, Certified Nurse.



In an industry where males still dominate, emerges an unapologetically zealous, multi-culturally influenced student of her craft, DJ Poizon Ivy. The talented empress behind the turntables balances deejaying on-air, on main concert stages, at select nightclubs and lifestyle venues, for celebrity and non-profit events, and for corporate clients, with now hosting, interviewing and modeling. As an international DJ, Poizon Ivy has a love for diverse music, incorporating all genres into her sets and radio mixes.

Born Ivy Awino in Nairobi, Kenya and raised in Dallas, Texas, Ivy mastered both the piano and cello before discovering her love for yet another instrument; turntables. In 2010, Ivy got her first break hosting her self-titled weekly online radio show, “Poizon Ivy After Dark” on WMUR, Marquette University’s student ran radio station. In a few short years, Ivy rose in ranks, setting off the city’s largest concert stages at Milwaukee’s Marcus Amphitheater and the recognized “World’s Largest Music Festival,” Summerfest, opening for some of the most notorious names in music: Nas, Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco, B.o.B, J. Cole and Juicy J to name a few. She is now one of the most in-demand Midwest DJ talents, performing and hosting throughout the Midwest region.

DJ Poizon Ivy became the first female mixer to grace the airwaves at WKKV-FM as a V100.7 Mix Squad DJ and most recently joined heritage station KKDA K104.5’s mix squad. In 2016, she joined the Dallas Wings as their in arena DJ during the WNBA’s historical 20th anniversary season. As if that wasn’t enough, she became the Dallas Mavericks’ first female team DJ in franchise history, and is the 2nd female DJ in NBA league history to accomplish that feat. Poizon Ivy’s story of climbing from the bottom to the top rung garnered an Lonestar Regional Emmy nod for a made for television mini documentary. An in 2018, she became the first ever female DJ to DJ at an NBA All Star Game.

Going from on air, to arenas, to clubs and main stages, DJ Poizon Ivy has lent her services to major brands and corporations including Atlantic Records, Red Bull, Adidas, and the Milwaukee Brewers. She’s spun for non-profit organizations and events: Skylar Diggins “Shoot 4 the Sky” Basketball Camp Tour, Snoop Dogg’s Youth Football League, and Obama for America.

When she’s not honing her skills, DJ Poizon Ivy is advocating for various causes and working with non-profit organizations that enable young women pursuing careers in music, young mothers, and organizations that aide health issues affecting young women



Charles Migwi Karugu had a vision of how life would be different once he arrived in America.

He would build gleaming, beautiful buildings. He would find wealth and opportunity. He would turn his good luck and sterling education into the American Dream.

Therefore with that in mind, in 2004, after winning the green card lottery, the 52-year-old Kenyan and architect packed up his family and headed to Wichita, Kansas.

Though Migwi’s dream of building gleaming dreams never materialized, he has achieved other dreams while being the President of Kenyan community in Wichita, for he has managed to elevate the group to feature in the annals of history.

During the Kenyans 56 Independence day, the Wichita group which numbers over 600 was honored in a full Wichita council meeting held on December 3, 2019.

That is a great feat and Mr. Migwi as the President of that group deserve an honor.

This honor also goes to all in that group for their great effort to make Kenya get a recognition for their role in Wichita, by the Mayor of Wichita City.



Rev Wambui M. Njoroge, MS

Born again Christian. Wife (M. Dr. Joe Njoroge). Mother (to Anne Njoroge). Deceased: Waiyaki Njoroge-RIP.

Gospel Artist & Producer. Ordained Minister/Preacher of the Gospel. Motivational Speaker for Christian Conferences and Retreats. Radio Personality/Ezra Christian Radio & Raising Awareness about Diaspora family issues. An avid writer about prevention of/family issues in Diaspora. Rallies and mobilizes community for family causes.

CEO: Triumph Christian Ministries, Inc

Facilitator: Family Enrichment Education Forums, USA

Co-Founder-Marriage Dynamics National Forum

Board of Trustees: Talanta Awards for Youth (2008-2019)

Chairlady: KCFA Southern GA Missionary Chapter (2005-2019)

KPIUSA/Board Member, Senior Editor

CODU/Board Member

KCFA: Member-Board of Trustees

Former: KCFA 4th National Director for Women (2005-2013)

Former: KCFA Southern Region Coordinator-7 States (2003-2014)

Honorable Recognition:

Named #1: African Warrior Magazine – Among 40 Inspiriting/Motivating Kenya Women in Diaspora (2018).

Social Media/KPIUSA, Diaspora Messenger.

2018 Kenyans who made a difference in Diaspora

Category: Humanitarian & Spiritual Leadership

2016 Mashujaa Day Community Service Award Recipient:

Humanitarian and Spiritual Leader

Wambui graduated from the University of Tennesse, Knoxville, TN with a Masters of Science Degree in Child & family Studies.

Asbury University with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology with a Concentration in Family Studies and Christian Ministries.

Platform in 2019: College/Career & Mental Health Issues in Diaspora.

If you go back in history you may recall the famous Waiyaki Wa Hinga and without imagining further, this daughter of Africa belongs to that famous lineage.



Excerpts Biography

Dr. Aby Lilian Mamboleo is a self-made American businesswoman and an exemplary role model living her motto-driven course, “I’m a B.I.T.” (Billionaire in Training), success, service and hear continue to power her influential demand.

Dr. Aby Lilian Mamboleo has come a long way since her native Nairobi, Kenya youth

“You need to go from wanting to change your life to deciding to change your life,” says the entrepreneur, author and philanthropist.

Passionate about helping others, Dr. Mamboleo, a recognized consultant and thought leader, is also the co- author of the new book, 


Having taught business owners innovative ways to manage, grow and scale their business, she now takes her expertise to the next level through her new release.

As her title makes clear, Dr. Mamboleo is not short on being resourceful, if not inspirational.

For anyone with ambition seeking to be motivated by an empowering voice, her book is a must-read – particularly for those keen on tapping into lending sources that will fund their business to success.



Chris Wamalwa is a Diaspora catchy headlines news guru working with Nation Newspaper and who hardly ever misses news.

This year he started the inspiring Diaspora life series that covers people’s lifestyle in Diaspora by capturing their day to day struggles and successes like chat shows.

He has covered many Diaspora stories ranging from death, divorce, depression, welfare and those concerning the strenuous personal documentation.



DrKinyanjui Nganga is the leading motivational speaker, corporate trainer and conference speaker who has widely travelled.

The influence of DrKinyanjui is experienced both in the public and private sectors.

Dr. K. N. Jacob is one of the best conference speaker of all times.

He is widely recognized as one of the most inspiring mentor, life coach, corporate trainer and business consultant in the world today.

Dr. K. N. Jacob speaks on personal and corporate leadership, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, personal branding, peak performance, dealing depression, mind mastery and parenting today.

Dr. K. N. Jacob has published: Me, Men & Money (A Woman’s Masterpiece); You Don’t Need a Job; Reposition Yourself; My Life Journey; The Power of the Spoken Word; and A Guide to Parenting Today.

Dr. K. N. Jacob holds a PhD in Project Management and he is happily married to his college sweetheart, Mercy, and God has blessed them with two children, Ivy and Zig.

He recently relocated to Atlanta Georgia.



Vincent Mongare, a Kenyan Diaspora in Baltimore Maryland was recently honored by the American Classic Agency president and CEO for the insurance and financial services offered to the community.

Each year, ACA President and CEO, JERRY POLICASTRO  selects individuals who have demonstrated exemplary performance, outstanding achievement and who have distinguished themselves by providing examples of leadership for all to aspire to. The winner’s pictures are displayed on the wall of fame at ACA’s Home Office. Also, the recipient received a beautiful trophy, signifying their accomplishment.

He was also an Honoree at the famed MEN OF IMPACT CHANGE for advancing the legacy of change in Entrepreneurship.



The word Philanthropy may have been created just to describe this TRUE son of Africa as he has gone out of his way expressing empathy while compassionately responding positively to deserving cases many don’t pay attention to and pass the buck to politicians.

An aspiration and a fulfillment to valid dreams by connecting the dots and networking to those that share common values and purpose to bring about change to humanity and society at large.

Yes Jeremy has a special gift that can make us believe in ourselves and together as one BIG family in Diaspora,  we can do great things.

He is the CEO of Kikuyu Diaspora Media and has received many awards including the prestigious honoree award organized by MEN OF IMPACT CHANGE.

He is a great supporter of Central Organization For Diaspora Unity.(CODU)


Albert Musasia is the Chirman of MKM group based in Houston Texas that brings together community men and women that give back to their communities back gome.

He is currently graduating  with an MBA accounting option.

He also has a double major degree in accounting and finance and a partner in the Kenyan report magazine

He is the Chief whip in the newly formed Diaspora National Assembly for 254.


The Kenya Christian Fellowship in America (KCFA) elected Dr. Joseph Okello as National President. Dr. Okello is the visiting associate professor of philosophy of Christian religion at Asbury Seminary. The inauguration ceremony was held in New Jersey.

Dr. Joseph B. Onyango Okello serves as visiting assistant professor of philosophy of Christian religion.

Dr. Okello received a Th.B. from Scott Theological College (Kenya), 1994; a M.Div. (1999) and M.A. in church music (2000) at Asbury Seminary; and a M.A. (2004) and Ph.D. (2007) in philosophy at the University of Kentucky.

While he was a student at Asbury Seminary, he earned the Frank Bateman Stanger award for excellence in preaching and the Philosophy and Christian apologetics award. Dr. Okello has served as a pastor and choral director at Africa Inland Church. He has published several articles and books, including Revisiting God: A Commonsense Approach to Theism (Xulon Press, 2008).

In addition to his duties at Asbury Seminary, he is also an adjunct instructor at Asbury College and the University of Kentucky.

This year, Joseph was vocal in raising funds to buy land in North Carolina for KCFA to construct a rare community project that is aimed to serve Kenyans in USA

He is married to Sophia.



Betty Achapa is a Kenyan, born who was raised in Mfangano island and Kisumu.

She joined Kabarak University after sitting for her O-levels at Buruburu girls and eventually relocated to the US.

Just like many Kenyans, she worked as a registered nurse in the US before being introduced to the finance world by George Onami who is a financial consultant based in Houston Texas.

It was however not an easy ride but after much effort and dedication, Betty finally got her certification.

See below excepts from her You tube Charts to have an idea who this finance guru is:

Welcome to financially stimulate me with MsBFinance101 where I show you how to start saving and planning financially to always pay yourself first. I am MsBFinance101: 

Your Money doctor for investments, stocks, side hustles, debt management, life insurance, savings and budgeting .

I was just like you a few years back struggling to prioritize my needs and wants. Attending every fundraising event just to make others happy but staying up at night worried about  retirement or my bills and unable to fund myself in an emergency.  

The money I was sending to Kenya to help others outweighed my emergency savings. 



His Real names are Benson Ongachi  but he is commonly known as BENACHI.

He is a born again Christian born and raised in Kenya but in 2016 relocated to ATLANTA GA He is a singer, song writer, videographer and a motivational speaker.

This upcoming young man is the CEO of Lieutenant Films and Lieutenant Empire.

His story is of rags to riches for he was at one time homeless and hopeless, but through Gods grace he rose from the streets to go preach the Gospel to the nations.

The word of God inspires him as a singer/minister, and he says without the Holy Spirit in him he is nothing. Benachi believe and trust in God, for its through the Grace of God that made him what he is today. Faith is his strong weapon that makes him shine as he continue ministering God’s Kingdom in Atlanta and all over United States.



Senior Pastor John Machere of ICOC church organized the first ever interdenominational Thanksgiving event at the Church he minister located at 180 Grayson Industrial Parkway Grayson GA 30017, On Sunday, November 24th 2019 from 3 p.m-6 p.m.

The occasion was graced by Pastors from other Kenyan Church in America that included Bishop GG Gitahi, of KACC and Pastor Mawasi among others.

It was a gathering to honor God, celebrate life and give thanks for all their accomplishments and it turned out to be the most successful Kenyan church event ever held in USA.

Upon completing his high school, John joined African Theological Seminary ATS formerly ICM in Western part of Kenya, where he received a Bachelors of Theology and Bible Studies. While he was pursuing his theological training, he used to minister in different churches which were within his jurisdiction causing tremendous growth.  He also served in different part of Kenya up to the year 2009.

In September 2009, he moved to USA where he enrolled at Erskine College Seminary for a graduate program. He graduated with a Masters of Divinity after three years. As a young energetic minister, Pastor Macere has of over ten years in the ministry. He is well equipped with what it takes to move the Church to the higher level that God needs.



Dr. Gitahi who is a Professor of Anthropology, at Kennesaw University in Georgia stresses the importance of the youth to appreciate their cultural roots as they act and dance while wearing Kenyan traditional attires during the famed cultural festival that take place every year

KACC church in Marietta Georgia under the leadership of Bishop Dr GG Gitahi organizes Atlanta Majuu which attracts Kenyans from all walks of life.

The festivals inform, educates, inspires and entertains those in attendance. The displays mesmerizes those experiencing the Kenyan African Culture for the first time.

He has done a great job in bringing awareness of our culture in the Diaspora while at the same time organizing  cruises that are relaxing and thus making them to attract many Kenyans.

He has grown the Kenyan Church from a few that one day congregated in someone house to a huge gathering and followers in church and online close to five thousand enthusiastic members.



During the year 2019 Domiscilla dedicated her services to helping the community through writing inspiring stories ranging from suicide prevention, lifestyle, workplace, depression to social welfare.

She has witten several post at Kenyan Parents In USA that she shares on a monthly or at times weekly basis.

A strong supporter of “keeping a girl in school project” based in Kenya which is sponsored by Kenyan Parents In USA.

Domiscilla  has strong faith in God and constantly posts spiritual messages at KPIUSA spiritual whatsapp group.

She is a BOARD member of Central Organization For Diaspora Unity(C.O.D.U)

She is also an Honorable Member of Diaspora National Assembly



Susan is an author based in South Georgia who contributes regularly articles that are very inspiring.

She directs the program “Keeping A Girl in school based in Kenya and is also a Board member of Central Organization For Diaspora Unity.

Susan is a health nutritionist.



Dr. Maina Gatonye is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Jacksonville, Florida. He graduated with honors from Meharry Medical College School Of Medicine in 2002.

Having more than 17 years of diverse experiences, especially in INTERNAL MEDICINE, Dr. Maina Gatonye affiliates with no hospital, cooperates with many other doctors and specialists in medical group Chen Neighborhood Medical Centers Of South Florida, LLC.


Kenyan Nurses in Diaspora (KENID) is a non- profit organization formed by Kenyan Nurses with an intent to empower the nurses and help them maximize their potential as they serve the community locally and in Kenya. The goal is to impact the community by holding health screening at different locations and educating our community on health issues, KENID believe that with proper education some medical expenses could be avoided by early screening and proper interventions. The group has all specialties and academic levels represented up to Doctorate level.

The group held their first free screening exercise on Sunday November 10th 2019 in Austell that included Cholesterol, Diabetes, Pressure. Dental checkup, Psychotherapy, Breast Cancer screening with referral to free mammogram, Stroke education, and many more.

A medical Doctor was on site for any intervention and more than 300 Kenyans were tested.



Sonnie Njau is the founder and CEO of an organization that empowers young men to make a difference.  She is an award-winning ideator and philanthropist hailing from Kenya.

Her organization is based in Baltimore, Maryland, however she has chapters as far as the west coast of the US, in Seattle, Washington and California.

She has now for five years featured among Kenyan who made a difference and the recent 2019 Men of Impact Change event held in Lithicum Heights Maryland was successful like all other event this group have organized for five years consecutively.

This organization that cares about the boy child is destined to the grandest heights possible.

Unsung Heroes: USA Diaspora Kenyans Who Made A Difference In 2019


Dr. Rotich is a full professor and department chair of Kinesiology and Recreational Administration at North Carolina Central University and a Research Fellows at Center for New North Carolinians at University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She was born and raised in Elgeiyo Marakwet County, Kenya. She is the CEO and Founder WOYO (Women & Youth) Global Diversity Consulting and JVV Wellness and Safety LLC. She is a leader, educator, motivational speaker, and women, youth and peace champion.
Prof. Rotich is a dedicated servant leader, scholar, change agent and community engagement champion who is committed to excellence in community- university based engagement and international collaborations. She has served and still serves on critical positions and committees at the university and Statewide level and has displayed unparalleled dedication and commitment that is above and beyond expectation. has done extensive work in community engagement and at the International level.
She serves her professional organizations and community organizations as a leader, committee and member of Board of Directors. Prof. Rotich is actively engaged in leadership in diverse community-based organizations and has served in capacities that include but not limited to: 1) President of the Kenyan Scholars and Studies Association ;2) Founder of the Kenyan Scholars In Diaspora ( KESID) ;3) Deputy Director of the Kenyan Christian Fellowship  ( KCFA) Promise generation; Board member for the African women leadership program; 4) Vice-Chair, Kenya National Council of Elders Diaspora ;5) editorial board member for several professional organizations; 6) Peer- Editorial Reviewer for peer reviewed journals and professional organizations; 5) Board member for the African Women Leadership; 6)  Panel of Experts for Kass FM weekly International educational live radio and television programs, in DC and Kenya among many others.
She has previously served as the Guilford County Commissioner on the Status of Women, Vice president for three community-based organization, Volunteer interpreter and translator for the National Language Service Corps; President of Gotabgaa International and chairperson of the compliance council for the Gottabgaa International Organization
Prof. Rotich’s work in the academe and community has not gone unnoticed. Her exemplary work has earned numerous recognitions and awards. that include the : 2016 recipient of the Greensboro Community Partnerships Chamber of Commerce Other Voices Change Agent Award; 2015 recipient of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors Excellence in Teacher award; 2015 recipient of the School of Education Senior faculty teaching excellence award; 2014 recipient of the University North Carolina A&T State University Faculty Community Engagement scholarship Award ;2013 recipient of the National Phi Epsilon Kappa Honors Society, Distinguished Advisor Award; Gottabgaa International Community Empowerment Award, Dallas, Texas; North Carolina Kenyan Chapter; 2012 recipient, Health and Wellness Research and community Service Award; 2014 recipient of the School of Education Advising Award and was recently voted and recognized as one of the TOP 40 Kenyan women who inspire and motivate fellow Kenyans within the Kenyan America Diaspora and many others.
Prof. Rotich’s scholarship record includes, several co-edited books, numerous peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings. She has presented her research on these topics at numerous international, national, and state conferences and professional meetings. She has been invited to make presentations and to serve as a keynote speaker at several conferences at local, state, national and international level.
Most recently, she was invited to: 1) give a presentation at the 4th UNESCO Collective Consultation Meeting on the Safeguarding and Promotion of Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) Istanbul – Turkey; 2) attend and serve as USA delegate on the World Forum for Reviving Traditional Sports in Antalya Turkey;3) attend the 2018 Global Peace Leadership Conference (GPLC) in Uganda and; 4) serve as a keynote speaker during the 2017 Educational Researches and Publications Associations International Congresses on Education, Budapest, Hungary among others. She has received funding to support her research and to develop and implement college and community-based youth and women empowerment and intervention programs.
She is currently serving as a consultant for The Gambia Institution of Sports and Kinesiology.



Joe K. Mungai is a multi-lingual transformational practitioner.

He holds a Master’s degree in social work and religious studies. He is a trainer, a coach, and a mentor providing both life skills and spiritual guidance. His passion is to help others in their personal growth so they can get clarity of their destination.

His strength lies in strategic integration, synthesis and business architecture at an enterprise level. His experience spans more than two decades.

He especially helps those with immigration issues to know their rights and advices them the steps to take to maintain or acquire legal status.

In 2019 he released his new book that can be bought through Amazon titled “Broken Justice”He is a staunch member of CODU and has several whatsaapp group like African resources that attracts interactions and a lot of advertisements.



Chioma Okwara journey began while she was in Kenya, when her 9 year –old brother was in a car accident and died because of lack of medical care.

“Chioma” Okwara was sworn in as a member of the UMass Board of Trustees in the year 2018. Dr. Okwara was a recipient of the Charles D. Baker II Scholarship for her time at UMass Boston and at UMass Medical.

“Dr. Okwara is a hardworking and dedicated individual who will bring experience and passion to the University of Massachusetts,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “I am proud to appoint her to the Board of Trustees and am confident that she will serve with distinction.”

“Dr. Okwara’s commitment and drive she demonstrated as both an undergraduate and a medical student will well serve the Board of Trustees,” Lt. Governor Karyn Polito said. “Her determination, grace and courage is inspiring and we are pleased she will continue to be a part of the UMass community.”

The University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees is a body of 19 voting members including two full time students, the Secretary of Education and 16 appointed members, five of whom are UMass alumni representing each of the UMass campuses.

The Charles D. Baker II Scholarship was established by Governor Baker to honor the memory of his grandfather Charles D. Baker II who never had the opportunity to pursue higher education but served his country and ensured that each of his children were able to go to college.

About Dr. Noreen “Chioma” Okwara:

Dr. Okwara is currently an Internal Medicine Specialist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. She graduated from UMass Medical School in 2017, nearly 10 years after immigrating to Lowell from Kenya at age 17.

As a medical student and an undergraduate, Okwara received the Charles D. Baker II Scholarship awarded to students who “approached each day and each challenge with persistence, optimism, and grace.” Upon completing her undergraduate degree in Biology with honors at UMass Boston in 2012, Okwara conducted research on HIV immunoregulation at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland under Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Okwara’s lifelong passion for medicine stems from the tragic death of her 9-year-old brother who was unable to access medical care for injuries suffered in a car accident in their native Kenya.

Unsung Heroes: USA Diaspora Kenyans Who Made A Difference In 2019



Bob Mwiti is the programs director of Appstec America – A consulting company based in Tampa, Florida, USA.

He has learned and achieved a lot in his career as an IT Consultant.

His life has truly changed, and for that reason he has made it his mission to give back and serve others beyond himself.

He will help you to relocate to USA as an international student, train you as an IT consultant, help you start and build your own business, creating your financial freedom, motivating you to pursue your goals and dreams, to being more productive, to inspiring you to constantly improve yourself.

His mission is to get you to wake up to the unlimited potential within you and achieve what you’re truly capable of through his various self-development training programs.



While working at a talent agency in Los Angeles, Nyakio Kamoche was exposed to beauty brands from all over the globe. Noticeably missing, she realized, were the rich ingredients of her parents’ homeland.  In her mind, this was an underrepresentation of the sophistication of Africa.

After 7 years of climbing the entertainment industry ladder, Nyakio Kamoche rethought her life, and consequently developed a new Masterplan: to bring Africa to the masses in pure luxury and old-age secrets, through a skin care line named after herself- Nyakio.



Simon Gikandi is Robert Schirmer Professor of English at Princeton University with affiliations in the Department of Comparative Literature, the Program in African Studies, and the Center for African American Studies. He graduated with a B.A [First Class Honors] in Literature from the University of Nairobi. He was a British Council Scholar at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland from which he graduated with a M.Litt. in English Studies. He has a Ph.D in English from Northwestern University. His major Fields of Research and Teaching are the Anglophone Literatures and Cultures of Africa, India, the Caribbean, and Postcolonial Britain, the “Black” Atlantic and the African Diaspora. He is also interested in the encounter between European and African languages in the modern period, literature and human rights, and writing and cultural politics.

He is the author of many books and articles including Writing in Limbo: Modernism and Caribbean Literature, Maps of Englishness: Writing Identity in the Culture of Colonialism, and Ngugi wa Thiong’o, which was a Choice Outstanding Academic Publication for 2004, and co-author of The Columbia Guide to East African Literature in English Since 1945. He is the co-editor of The Cambridge History of African and Caribbean Literature and the editor of the Routledge Encyclopedia of African Literature. His latest book, The Aura of Blackness: Slavery and the Culture of Taste is forthcoming from Princeton University Press. He is currently working on This Thing Called English: The Colonized and their Books and Modernism and Early Postcolonial Style and editing vol 11 of The Oxford History of the Novel in English: The Novel in Africa and the Atlantic World.



Martin Mburu  is a Kenyan trained teacher who emerged top of all teachers in South Carolina and was voted the 2019 District teacher of the year in Clarendon School district 1 in South Carolina famous for its motto “One team one vision Every Student, Every day

Martin Mburu attended the Kenya Technical Training College at Egerton University and finalizing at the prestigious Kenyatta University where he studied special education.

Just like all ambitious Kenyans that strive to pursue the American dream, he relocated to the USA ten years ago and through hard work and determination, he in 2019, emerged among the top performing teachers in the very coveted title of the Teacher of The YEAR which attracted 60,000 participants in the state of South Carolina.



A Kenyan national this year 2019 made history after being appointed the new commissioner of Commerce and Insurance in the State of Tennessee.

42-year old Hodgen Mainda, first moved to the U.S in 1997 as a rugby player.

He became the first Kenyan to hold such a position in the State of Tennessee after working in government relations and business development roles in Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga.

He is respected for his ability to build partnerships across multiple sectors and his leadership to such a multifaceted department like Commerce and Insurance was much appreciated by Tennessee Governor Mr. Bill Lee.



A 25-year old Kenyan US-based tech entrepreneur was causing waves in 2018, making New York City’s financial magazine Business Insider to tout him as the next Bill Gate.

Mubarak Muyika is described as a business executive, computer programmer and internet magnate based in Silicon Valley within California, USA

Having been orphaned at the age of 10, Muyika was taken in by his adoptive parents, where he told Business Daily in 2013 he developed a passion for computers.

He later made it to Friends School Kamusinga, where his prowess grew, and bagged the Kenya National Science Fair, and the annual Kenya Students Congress on Science and Technology awards.

After sitting his final exams in 2011, he got immersed in computers and registered Hype Century Technologies and Investments Ltd, a company that dealt in web-design and domain registration.

Muyika told Business Daily during an interview in 2013 that he was approached with an offer to join Havard University a year later, but turned it down and instead concentrated on entrepreneurship.

With the new conviction, he sold off his Hype Century Technologies firm which was then worth millions and established the Zagace Ltd, an enterprise management platform that uses enterprise resource planning (ERP) and web-hosting resources to create a basic forum for business systems and processes.

This was the right move, because Zagace Ltd grew leaps and bounds, and soon after, he relocated to the US, where he runs the company with close to 500 employees as of 2019.

In 2015 and 2017, Muyika was listed as one of Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 and he was the youngest in Business Insider’s list of top young entrepreneurs around the world.

Yahoo Finance also featured him in 2018, where he was mentioned alongside top individuals moving the world in their own different ways.



Lucy Ndonga is a lady with a dream of nurturing future leaders and was chosen in 2019 as the Administrator of the year in Dekalb County. That is a big feat many cannot achieve in their life time, but this daughter of Africa is making headlines in a County where Martin Luther King Jr though dead is still a reigning King.

We at times envy our past and maybe Mrs. Lucy Ndonga was all dreaming to copy or even to become like her headmistress at BOMA HIGH Mrs. Wanjohi, and as they say “believe and it will happen” it came to pass.

Unsung Heroes: USA Diaspora Kenyans Who Made A Difference In 2019



She is regarded as the lady with the ear to the ground. Hardly anything will happen in America or Kenya without Christine being on the forefront may it be cerebration, politics to tragedy.

She circulate widely any Diaspora information that people need to know and not to know at times.

She attends all Kenyan functions and to ease her mind, she still has time for a cruise to Bahamas.

She is a very informed lady that now has been selected consequently for two years in a row as a Kenyan that made a difference throughout the year.

Christine attended the prestigious Precious Blood Riruta Girls in Kenya and passed with a first division, that would make a family to get some fame those good years. She relocated to USA with her late husband Francis together with their children who now are raising families here in America.

If you want to advertise anything from a handkerchief to selling a plot now you know who to talk to.



The recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities summer stipend, Communication Professor Mbure will use the award to complete her book, The Tenacious Defenders, Offenders, and Inventors of African Beauty 1951-1971, which builds on her earlier award-winning work on the impact of colonialism and globalization on cosmetic advertising.

A media scholar, she focuses on the historical and transnational influences of old and new media representations and media influences on intersectional identities.

Seeking to tell the lively story of African beauty, this summer, she will research industry documents relating to advertising campaigns in Kenya and South Africa.

After undertaking that research at Duke University’s Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising and Marketing History, she will travel to Johannesburg for research at Bailey’s African History Archives, home to four decades of material on Drum the legendary pan-African magazine.


DR. NAOMI MUHIA-Family Nurse Practitioner at WellStar Health System


Naomi Muhia popularly known as Naomi Kanyari is a practicing family medicine Doctor in Acworth Georgia.

She is also a staunch Christian and if you meet her at an occasion, you may pass and dismiss the polite lady, not knowing the immense knowledge she possesses.

She is a jewel in the community who has served many Kenyans at her job in Marietta Kennestone Hospital and at her recently opened practice whose opening was officiated by the Mayor of Acworth together with many Kenyan clergymen in Georgia.

Naomi is a supporter of Kenyan Parents in USA where she at times post inspiring articles.

Keep up the good job… we value all what you do to the community.



Eddie Kihara is a Web developer, SEO specialist, graphic designer, and instructional designer. He is also a math tutor, ACT and SAT instructor, and the director of 1stChoice Tutors.

As director/owner of 1stChoice Tutors, he is responsible for helping students in K-12 math, SAT and ACT prep, creating content for the company website, creating eLearning material for current and future students, optimizing website access, increasing website traffic, designing marketing materials and creating online lesson plans for students.

He was employed as a 5th-12th grade math tutor from 2009-2012. When his employer closed doors, late 2012, he decided to open his own tutoring company. He launched 1stChoice Tutors on May 1, 2014 where he has continued helping students to better understand math.

He graduated with a B.S. Technical Communication (IT) from Kennesaw State University (Formerly SPSU) in May 2017.

Through Technical Communications, he found his passion for Web Development. He sometimes build static websites from scratch using Dreamweaver. Content Management Software use such as, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are growing exponentially so, he spend non-trivial amounts of time perfecting his skills in each. His passion has led him to seek more education in programming, using HTML5 & CSS3, PHP, and JavaScript.

In addition to 6-12 Math Tutoring, ACT and SAT tutoring, he has taught other people the basics of Web Design, specifically, how to mark up a website using HTML5 and how to style it using CSS3.

He look forward to connecting with others in any areas involving math tutoring, instructional design, and web development opportunities!


Passionate about youth and music, Jey Mbiro has found his niche as a DJ and youth Minister in Atlanta, Georgia. He one time started a mentorship program in his hometown of Mathare, Kenya, offering young people what he lacked as a child: Godly, loving leadership.

Raised in one of the largest and poorest slums on the African continent, Jey’s childhood was a difficult one. He grew up in a one-room house with his single mom, three brothers and ten other family members. When she grew ill, Jey’s only option was to move to the streets of Nairobi to beg for food and money. At only 9 years of age, he was arrested and imprisoned for stealing.

When he was released, Jey thought he would once again have to move back to the streets — until he was invited into Compassion’s child development program. Because of his sponsorship, he no longer needed to worry about money for school, healthcare, clothing and food. For the first time in his life, Jey felt hope. God’s intervention through Compassion changed the entire course of his life. While he once questioned whether he’d ever have the chance to go to grade school.

Jey speaks to youth, college students and adults about the effects of poverty, the importance of mentorship and ways to strategically make a difference. His engaging presence, compelling style and fun personality make it easy for him to connect with audiences in any context.

He and his wife Susie (along with their two dogs Zuri and Rembo) enjoy calling Atlanta home.



Eric is a Chartered Marketer from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK and also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. He is also a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Eric is a uniquely talented Marketing Professional with significant management experience with major organizations.

He’s a natural team leader and an avid sports fan, creative & competitive team player with exceptional focus on detail.

He works with several non-profit organizations serving the community around him while being passionate about Youth Leadership and Development.

His Specialties are Account Management, Marketing, Training and Event Organizing

This year 2019, Eric organized a successful Masujaa Day Event in Atlanta where many Kenyans were honored for their various contribution to the community.



Adjunct Professor at University of Houston Clearlake Pearland, Texas.

Dr. Dan Magubi is a community organizer who has constantly helped people in the Diaspora.

He organizes  Masujaa day every year where able Kenyans that contribute to the welfare of humankind are honored. He invites Kenyan celebrities to grace all his occasions such as teacher Wanjiku and Karis the comedian.

He has received the distinguished MEN OF IMPACT CHANGE award for his continued interest to the welfare of his fellow Kenyans.

This year he invited the Kenya Embassy to issue ID and process other documents and it was a successful event where many Kenyans were served.

Keep up the good work, we value your contribution to improve the lives of Kenyans.


  • Vice President at Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation And Industrial Centres Of Africa

World Ubricoin Ambassador Program is a community participation program where they get representatives of various regions in the world as ambassadors.

The ambassadors have a responsibility of getting people of their region to work together.

The ambassador is the voice and the face of Ubrica.

They act as a lynchpin between Ubrica, the community and Ubrica projects which include Soko Janja, Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs) and Ubrica Science and Technology Parks (USTPs)



Dr. Constance Mugalla got her PhD from Pennsylvania State University and her MPH from Emory University.

Her work experience has been in the areas of applied economics, health, IT and Public Health. She has volunteered with various Diaspora organizations and initiatives including community based organizations advocating for immigrant empowerment and health in Atlanta,Nashville,and,NewYork.

Talk of someone following her father’s footstep and you will be backbiting none other than Constance and just like her father, she has been keen on politics especially in Kenya. She grew up when the giant trade union COTU was an organization to reckon with and while being close to her father, the famous J.J. Mugalla, she was exposed early enough to the process of mobilizing and advocating for empowerment of communities through unity of purpose.

She is passionate about community empowerment, while advocating for the rights of the marginalized and familiar with the process of lobbying institutions. Her passion is to see Kenya take its place of leadership as a shining example in governing excellence in the region and on the continent.

Dr Mugalla desire the process to start right from the Diaspora and eventually finding it’s way to Kenya and hence the appeal for a united Diaspora that will keep the Government constantly on its toes.

Dr Constance and the chosen CODU administrators have confidence that if given the chance, they will make all in the Diaspora to believe in themselves, and to tie that belief to the highest ethical order, to do what may appear impossible to be just a small task.



CEO and founder of Diaspora Messenger, Isaac has been consistent in informing the entire Diaspora with current news ranging from politics, health, economics, religious to the welfare of all.

His whatsapp group is a constant flow of sage messages and hot debates on the current political situation in Kenya.

The Diaspora messenger is now the leading online blog among the existing ones with a following of over tens of thousands of people both in Kenya and in the Diaspora.

He was the Chairman of Kenya Christian Fellowship In America (KCFA) Washington DC Chapter for close to 7 years (1999-2006)

He is a staunch Christian who holds high family values above all earthly things.



Dr. Pamela Obare mogaka is a doctor in nursing and a trained journalist. She also runs a TV and Radio show.

She is the brain behind Dear Awards and Diaspora Awards.

The motivation behind Diaspora entertainment and recognition awards (DEAR) ceremony was crystallized by the fact that we have people in our community who have done exceptionally well but are not recognized at all.

We have Kenyans who have excelled as actors, actresses, singers and models but they have not been accepted in Hollywood-we wanted to create a platform for our own people to be appreciated and accepted for their hard work. The platform also awards the youths who have done exceptionally well in their fields.

She gets this recognition for her role in recognizing talented Kenyans in the Diaspora in the year 2019.



Atlanta Queen’s Ministry presents the annual Queen’s Night Banquet. This is an event where women of all ages can engage and share in an enjoyable night of Worship, Prayer, and Praise.

It is a ministry of impacting the woman and they do it here and back in Kenya.  They are blessed to have powerful women in the ministry serving the community quietly.  During Thanksgiving, they visited two family,  just to tell God thank you.

Focusing on empowering women while at the same time having a good time, they go out for dinner, colorfully dress up and hear the word of God. They listen to testimonies from members as to what God has done through the ministry and the same makes them to get focused more to doing God’s will but not theirs.

Lucy Karuri is the founder of Atlanta Queens Ministry and this year they had a successful Queens night Banquet at the Marriot in Atlanta Georgia.

This organization appreciate the role the woman play and honor them every year as they enjoy delicacies in top class dining in Atlanta.

The nights are fun filled with praise and worship that leave many to experience a little heaven while still on earth.

Congratulation Lucy and your team… keep up the good work.



A group of Kenyans in the Diaspora led by the founder Dr Stephen Njenga teamed up to launch a new university in Lynwood, Washington, known as North West International Christian Seminary (NICS).

The main aim of the new institution located in the greater Seattle area is to attract Kenyans seeking to study theology at affordable fees.

The group says it plans to open other branches across the US in the near future.

The group says the courses offered in the new university are accredited to ensure they are competitive and equivalent to programs offered in other US institutions.

Most of the students and academic staff are from Kenya.

“Our aim is to inspire our students not only intellectually but also spiritually, through participation in the sacramental life of the school,” the University’s Founder, Archbishop Dr. Stephen Njenga, says.

Those seeking admission to NICS must have earned a high school diploma, a General Education Diploma (GED), or a similar certificate.



Alice founded Total Health Global. She came to learn that the mind and body are intrinsically connected and if more people are aware of this simple fact, then getting and staying healthy would be an easier feat.

Alice is a brilliant, broad minded and focused individual who shares her well thought ideas with others by informing them on the need to take care of one’s health through a natural diet and exercises program.

In order to live a positive life, Alice started teaching health and wellness after getting healthy herself. She achieved it by what she calls tweaking her diet and making small changes in her lifestyle. It miraculously worked for she shed off fifty pounds in just five and a half months and has managed to maintain the weight loss for six years to date. She somehow got inspired for it only took a little effort to do so and the change in transforming her body, not only had an impact on her life in general, but she too, got inspired to share her amazing healthy journey story with others.

She did it through writing and has of today written many books and journals touching on total global health to maintain a healthy body.



Rev. Dr. Penny Ruth W. Njoroge has been a Counseling Psychologist\psychotherapist\group therapist (in mental health) for over 25 years.

She is a Board Certified Therapist in Substance Abuse and Addictions; Death and Grief; Marriage and Family, as well as Crisis Intervention with many years of mentoring and empowering abused women and children, and Youth Mentoring (received Birmingham Mayor’s Hidden Heroes for mentoring).

She is a Fellow of American Institute of Stress and a Diplomate with American Experts in Traumatic Stress\National Center for Crisis Management.  She has also received Birmingham Caregiver of the Year award, Alabama Hospital Hero’s award and Kenya’s Presidential Award for Community Serivce both here in the USA and in Kenya before she came to the USA.

Rev. Penny Njoroge is a motivational speaker and seminar workshop facilitator with a passionate message for people of all ages not to quit on their dreams because it is never too late to rise above our life challenges.

She strives to Inspire, Encourage, Empower, Engage and Change lives, especially women, so they can rise up and play their part in life.  She is internationally travelled and experienced.



John Richard Ng’ang’a is a Kenya running a successful morgue business in Bedford, Texas US christened Bedford Memorial Funeral Home.

Ng’ang’a served in the corporate world for 19 years before he branched out to establish his own funeral home in December 2015, as indicated in company.

A great Kenyan giving a good and rare service to all in America.

Compiled By Kenya Parents In USA Secretariat

Dr. Jean Kamau- Senior News Analyst

Rev Wambui Njoroge- Consultant.

Christine Muchene-Data collection

Dr. D.K. Gitau- President Kenyan Parents In USA




Unsung Heroes: USA Diaspora Kenyans Who Made A Difference In 2019

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