Kenya Village Voices: Ruto’s Prayers stopped BBI. Really?


Kenya Village Voices: Ruto’s Prayers stopped BBI. Really?

Kenya Village Voices: Ruto’s Prayers stopped BBI. Really?
Dr. Teddy Kamau

According to Kenya village voices, Raila Odinga and his group depend upon the dark spiritual world to map their strategies. The villager speaks in silence observing that Raila Odinga and his group went around the country pushing for the BBI, which the villager translated as Beba Baba Ikuru (BBI). They listened, as the group played the Rastafarian theme song, “Can’t stop Reggae.” The villagers may not be scholars of world religions, religious philosophy, psychological theory of religion. They may not know the arguments of the German theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher and his psychology of religion. But they know that Rastafarianism is a religious cult, which originated from Jamaica that holds to the belief that black people are the chosen people, and that Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia was the Messiah!

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During the time of BBI and Rastafarian ‘messianism”, the dance to the song “cant stop reggae’ was booming. DP William Ruto stood his ground and declared without hesitation, as if by prophecy, “Kenya sio nchi ya Reggae Bangi na Waganga….. wao wako na Reggae… lakini sisi tuko na Mungu.” The reference of Mungu here has to be understood behind Ruto’s own confession of faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore we can only conclude that when he reference ‘Mungu’ he refers to the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Ishmael: The God who is the father of the LORD Jesus Christ. According to the villager, the LORD heard those words and, behold! The Wuhan Chinese Corona Virus descended upon the earth and now Reggae has stopped.

“Kenya sio nchi ya reggae, bangi na waganga.” – DP Ruto

The intellectual mind of some scholars cannot relate this ‘primitive’ theory of Divine intervention to some Kenyan Christian community in Gatundu, Kinangop, Kosirai, Nandi, or my third home village of Khumusalaba. “You cannot take these kinds of projections seriously.” Some scholar would argue. But the villager, devoid of theories on religious philosophical theology I have taught post graduate students in university setting, hear voices and discern through the spirit of Faith in Christ things that the mind cannot fathom. It is to these that St. Paul argued, “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty. (1st Corinthians 1:27)

Paul was not just a theologian but also a philosopher. Paul was well versed in all manner of knowledge within the Greek and Roman intellectualism. He was a theologian within the pharisaical order and it is evident that he had a well-established understanding of Greek philosophy, mythology, poetry, and writings (see Acts 17). He was a student of the most educated Jew, Gamaliel (AD 22-55). Gamaliel had a ‘Ph.D.’ in Judaical law, order, and was the prime theologian of his time. Then Paul, though very well educated in all things, submitted to the message of The Christ and understood it like a villager. He ignored the elite of his day and their argument against the new faith of the poor, women, and children declaring it God’s way of salvation against the rationalism of Greek philosophy and pharisaic religious elitism.

The Kenyan villager can be comforted by the humble message of the Cross-and St. Paul’s instruction to politics. “… The powers that be are but from God” (Romans 13). Those who voted for President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto believed that, these two were ordained by God.

The villager has not abandoned this belief because the president may have abandoned the prayers and the faith on which he and DP William Ruto sailed into office: they believe that the president has abandoned, and syncretiscally decided to listen to the mystic spiritism of Rastafarianism.

The villager is like Tanzanian president John Joseph Magufuli. A well educated scientist whose faith in Christ guides his scientific conclusion. He has observed that the scientists issuing medical advice on Chinese Corona Virus are doing it from home bunkers where they are hiding from the villager. That they, like the villager, have no idea what this virus is. Yet the villager has to fetch for firewood to make Ugali for the family. Magufuli, like the villager understands that locking up people during the night and letting them manga manga during the day is stupidity. He mocks Kenya’s nonsensical virus response. He knows that when in doubt, prayer is key to sanity therefore he encourages people to seek God’s mercy, given that it is He who created all things. This kind of village faith is again rejected by Rastafarians and our president seems to have drunk their wine.

The Kenyan villager not only believes that God ordained president Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto as their political leaders during this era, but that Raila and his team follow a Spirit of unganga and African spiritism. They, being simple believers in Christ and his kingdom, and following St. Paul call to lay all things to God in prayer, still believe that William Ruto was promised 5 years through prayer and faith. They hope and pray that he still believes in that faith based promise and intends to keep his word to them and run to win the presidency in 2022. To them, God destroyed Reggae and DP William Ruto’s prayers were answered! They hold true to the faith that promises made should be promises kept: They hold to the truth that the God of the Bible never fails to keep His promises and they intend to follow His lead!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (Ph.D.)

HTBluff Associates

Diaspora messenger Senior Columnist


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