Which one is Better? Career in Health Care or IT In the Diaspora


Would You rather Choose a Career in Health Care or IT In the Diaspora? Which one is Better?

Which one is Better? Career in Health Care or IT In the DiasporaMassive Job losses and layoffs across the United States and the world have led to many people considering the need to have a fall back plan should they be victims of a layoff or a job loss.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has exposed the vulnerability for many people in the United States, including those jobs that were largely considered safe careers.

Apart from careers in the healthcare, security and EMT, there are other areas that haven’t been considered yet.

For many people, choosing between healthcare and IT careers has never been an issue. For many immigrants, healthcare provided the much-needed job security. However, it involves spending more hours on your feet, long hour and many other factors that affect young parents. Considered, it offers the most stability if someone follows the established rules and regulations.

IT industry is quite broad. From programming to business analysts, web design and web security just but to name a few. Like Health care, IT industry jobs are secure as well depending which field you are in.

The one thing that stands out for IT jobs is its ability to work remotely. This proves important for families with young kids and working parents. Spending time with family has proved to be just as important to many immigrants unlike their countries of origin where they would depend on the services of a Nanny.IT careers are rigorous but not physically demanding.


Data Science is becoming more and more popular across the United States. Careers in data science are very well rewarding, when compared to healthcare.

For Kenyans working in the diaspora, The Smart Data School of Analytics offers a rare chance for Kenyans and other Immigrants in the Diaspora a New Career Path in the Data Analytics.

This 14 Weeks Course covers Project management, Business Analysis and Data Analysis. Under Data Analysis, we strive to ensure our students understand Data Analysis tools such as Python, Advanced excel, Tableau, SQL and Alteryx.

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Which one is Better? Career in Health Care or IT In the Diaspora

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