Kongamano la Mageuzi: Kenyan Lobby Group Woos the Diaspora

Kongamano la Mageuzi: Kenyan Lobby Group Woos the Diaspora

Kongamano la Mageuzi: Kenyan Lobby Group Woos the DiasporaAs part of its outreach to WaKenya, the Kongamano la Mageuzi (KLM) movement on Saturday held discussions with a section of Kenyans living in the US to see what role the diaspora can play in transforming Kenya.

In a joint statement soon after a two-hour virtual meeting, the lobby group – which describes itself as a coalition of diverse Kenyan individuals, organisations, initiatives and movements – said the purpose of the discussions was to share views on how to use their financial, intellectual and numerical strength to build Kenya.

“The meeting explored further how to ensure that the interests of the diaspora are taken into consideration by KLM-VUMA as it vies for political power,” a statement signed by activist John Githongo (Inuka Trust), Nduko O’Matigere (Ukweli Party), Njoki Gachanja (Social Justice Centres), Kepta Ombati (Social Justice Centre), Lucia Ayielar (KLM Secretariat) and Agostinho Neto (United Green Movement) said.

Others were Mutemi Kiama (KLM Secretariat), Jerotich Seii (SwitchOffKPLC/HumanityKE, Maina Kiai and Aaliyah Habib of KLM.

The diaspora was represented by Attorney Henry Ongeri of Minneapolis, Mkawasi Mcharo-Hall from Baltimore, Prof David Monda from New York, Dr Nathan Wangusi from Orlando (Florida) and David Ogega from Atlanta (Georgia).

Economic situation

Participants noted that the economic situation in the country is untenable. Youth unemployment is at a record high, as is the national debt.

They noted that the Covid pandemic threatens to exacerbate the economic situation further, increase social unrest and diminish public trust in institutions, if theft of public resources is not curbed.

They expressed deep regret that Kenyans in the diaspora continue to be treated as second class citizens, noting that ignoring the needs and views of over 3 million Kenyans with a 300 billion annual contribution to the economy is reprehensible.

KLM-VUMA committed itself to continue working closely with the diaspora. It says it will ensure their participation in its political programme as well as seeing that their full citizenship rights and interests are taken care of if the movement forms the next government.

“To ensure full engagement in the work of KLM-VUMA, participants agreed to have regular meetings with Kenyans in the diaspora. Noting the self-funding model of KLM-VUMA, participants agreed to explore ways of making financial and intellectual contributions to support its work,” the statement said in part.

By Chris Wamalwa


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