Kenyan Born Christine Wawira’s Journey To Hollywood


Kenyan Born Christine Wawira’s Journey To Hollywood

Kenyan Born Christine Wawira's Journey To HollywoodAt the tender age of seven, Kenyan actress Christine Wawira relocated with her family to the United Kingdom and then the United States. While there she fell in love with acting. She spoke exclusively to Nairobi News about her journey in Hollywood.

1. Born in Kenya, raised in the UK and now the US, how has the journey been? I left Kenya when I was seven and I went to live in London until I was 12. I attended primary school there and made so many friends. At 12 I moved to America where I attended Middle School and High School. It really helped me to be a well cultured and a well-rounded person. I have been lucky to meet a lot of people from all over the world and it’s been great.

2. Why the entertainment industry and would you ever do a Kenyan movie? I started acting when I was 14, in my freshman year in high school. I really used to be very shy, so I wanted to kind of put myself out there. So I decided to join drama club and theater. I fell in love with it. I fell in love with telling a story, making people feel emotions, whether its happiness, sadness, or anger. I just think movies and plays, TV shows all inspire people and help them escape from their day to day lives. It changes people.

Yes. I would definitely consider doing a Kenya movie. I think it is important for us to support one another in our community. I’m actually going to be working on a Kenyan movie that is based in Los Angeles. Unfortunately I cannot say too much about it.

3. What has been your best childhood memory and who is your celebrity crush? Spending time with my mum and dad, sister and brothers. In London we used to go to the park a lot and I remember my dad taught us how to ride a bike, taught us how to play soccer (football). On Sundays we would always go and get pizza, basically just spending time with family. I got to meet Tom Cruise a few weeks ago, I took a few pictures with him. I’ve loved him my whole life and I would like to say, he is my celebrity crush.

4. What can you say is your strongest personal quality? I’m a compassionate person. I genuinely care about people and their well-being. I’m always ready to help if I can, I’m also very empathetic and I take time to listen to people.

5. What’s your best and worst dates, you’ve been into? The worst is when this guy came and picked me up, and while driving in his car, he starts talking about how women are inferior to men and that men should control women. How women should be programmed from a young age to obey their masters. It was really bad. I just wanted to get out of the car.

My best was when we ended up hanging out for three straight days.

6. Would you ever give a homeless person CPR? I would absolutely do it if they were dying. I love all people no matter what they are, whether homeless, prison inmate. I think we should all show compassion to one another.

7. What are your thoughts about Kenyan film industry and a message to your Kenyan fans? I’m not so much familiar with the Kenyan film industry but I do know there is a lot of passionate and talented individuals in Kenya that are working on amazing projects.




Kenyan Born Christine Wawira’s Journey To Hollywood

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