The Kenyan Man Building Cities in Kenya

The Kenyan Man Building Cities in Kenya

The Kenyan Man Building Cities in Kenya
Team Leader Optiven Group George Wachiuri

A story is said of a man who build an entire city single-handedly, what we are not told though in this story is the fact that, the said city was build from a dream, vision, commitment and partnership with the residents.

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Back in 2018, a dream was born by the slopes of Mua Hills, a few minutes drive from Koma Hills off Kangundo Road and only 1.3km off Koma-Kenol Road.
A project, 100 acres huge, sitting by the slopes of Mua hills, facing Lukenya hills at a distance, Koma Hill and Kilima Mbogo at the other horizon, was birthed. The beauty of this project immediately created an awesome feeling, so intense and relaxation, and a name was given, The Garden Of Joy.
To some, this was the best news ever, after dreaming for so long to own a place near Nairobi County, a gated Community with all social amenities like water, power, greening, children play areas, recreation centers and even a 24 hours caretaker and security.
But as they say, some still went home with the idea, (let me wait until it’s done) that’s normal, since we have different experiences and thoughts in real estate investment.
Then came 2020, after fencing, sub dividing, processing individual title deeds for each plot in this mega project, construction of internal murram roads, bore hole drilling, building of a beautiful gate, planting thousands of trees along all the access roads and in the recreation areas, setting up an artificial lake for residents to use for relaxing, the vision bearer, Team Leader Optiven Group Sir George Wachiuri together with the team of project directors, thought and re-thought and decided that indeed, this was not enough yet, they offered to do solar street lighting for the entire project, they were committed to turn Garden of Joy to a go green project, wow, total kindness.
Today we are witnessing hundreds of Kenyans receive their title deeds, many start building their dream homes in this beautifully set gated and controlled development, we are challenged by the thought of ‘procrastination’.
Be careful what you listen to, what you think, who you walk around with and what decisions you make.
Come pay a free site visit to this mega project and marvel at the beauty.
Garden of Joy by Optiven.
Call +254 708 459 336


The Kenyan Man Building Cities in Kenya

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