Kenyan man found dead with his family in Kiambu was a Nurse in America


Kenyan man found dead with his family in Kiambu was a Nurse in America

Kenyan man found dead with his family in Kiambu was a Nurse in AmericaThe Kenyan man Nicholas Njoroge who was found dead with his family in Kiambu was a Nurse in America and had returned to Kenya for Christmas holidays.

Nicholas Njoroge who was 55-year-old was killed alongside three members of his family, he suffered 34 stab wounds to the chest.

Njoroge, his wife and two of their children were found murdered and their bodies dumped in their home in Karura.

Njoroge’s body was found outside his family home at Karura ka Murimo. That of his wife Anne Njoroge, also a nurse, was recovered in the kitchen of their family home.

Bodies of their son and a daughter were found in two separate bedrooms inside the same house.

Preliminary investigations indicate that only Njoroge had multiple knife wounds. The other family members were stabbed once.

Police said Njoroge, who works as a nurse in America, had just returned to the country 10 days ago.

Detectives from the DCI Homicide Unit were last evening piecing together information that will help them unravel the mystery behind the gruesome murders.

Also killed during the Tuesday night attack was a construction worker who was bludgeoned to death at Njoroge’s staff quarters.

The man was attacked by the gunmen who found him sleeping at a separate house.

A second man, also a construction worker, managed to escape when the attackers stormed the home at around 9pm.

What has shocked even the neighbours is that no screams were heard during the attack save for the alarm that went off around 10pm.

Yesterday, senior officials from the Kiambu DCI office and those from the DCI headquarters spent the better part of the day in the home looking for clues.

They were joined in the investigations by detectives from the Homicide unit.

The attackers, it appeared, subdued the family to the point that they were unable to raise alarm that would have alerted neighbours.

Njoroge’s body was found right outside the family home while those of other members were inside the main house that was locked from outside. The keys to the two main doors were missing, forcing the police to break in.

Investigators followed a trail of blood from a bedroom upstairs to where Njoroge’s body was found, giving an indication that he could have been fleeing from his attackers before he was subdued.

Investigators believe the attackers may have gained access into home by ambushing either a family member who was driving or walking in.

The home is well secured with a perimeter wall that is almost 10-feet high.

There are two gates into the compound further making it difficult for the investigators to understand how the gang found their way into the homestead.

Njoroge’s wife worked as psychologist nurse with Kiambu County government.

By last evening, the police were yet to establish the motive of the attack. A family feud is among the theories the DCI said they were pursuing.

Kiambaa Police boss Michale Muchiri said they already have some crucial leads.

Area MP Paul Koinange also visited the homestead. Residents asked him to impress on local police officers to carry out frequent patrols in the area.




Kenyan man found dead with his family in Kiambu was a Nurse in America

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