Comedian Professor Hamo Reveals Having Dirt On Jemutai


Comedian Professor Hamo Reveals Having Dirt On Jemutai

Comedian Professor Hamo Reveals Having Dirt On JemutaiComedian Prof Hamo has claimed he has dirt on the mother of his children Jemutai as he addressed their relationship drama.

The former Churchill show comedian noted that family issues are not supposed to be aired out in public and he opted to keep whatever dirt he had on his children’s mother to himself.

“I told her that I also have dirt on her that I could easily post on social media but I asked her how that would be beneficial to us. Would we have been able to sit together after that and talk? “I love her very much,” Hamo said.

During the interview with Jalang’o, the comedian further reiterated that their differences have been sorted out and they are now living together.

“Do you think it would have been easy for me to go back to Jemutai if I had responded to her complaint publicly? That’s disrespectful. We have our arguments in private,” he said.

Hamo also admitted that his first wife is comfortable with him marrying Jemutai since they already have two children together.

“It’s a series because one of the things that have helped me is being an honest man… Before I put up that apology, I had gone home and spoken to my first wife. I admitted that I was in the wrong but I pleaded with her for the sake of the children I have with Jemutai,” he said.

Jemutai and Prof Hamo will be launching a new show on YouTube this Friday, June 25, 2021.

In a poster shared by Jemutai, the two will have a candid talk and fans are speculating they will finally get a glimpse into their messy drama that unfolded two months ago.



Comedian Professor Hamo Reveals Having Dirt On Jemutai

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