Kenyan Brothers Zech Obiero & Micah Obiero Making Mark In UK Soccer

Kenyan Brothers Zech Obiero & Micah Obiero Making Mark In UK Soccer
Kenyan Brothers Zech Obiero & Micah Obiero Making Mark In UK Soccer:

Two Kenyan brothers Zech Obiero & Micah Obiero have joined other athletes from the country whose stellar performances have earned them places in top football clubs in the United Kingdom.

The two teens are sons of a former Gor Mahia player, Henry Obiero, who also stunned the country with his skills in the sport.

Zech Obiero and his elder brother Micah Obiero are all playing for football clubs in England that take part of some of the most competitive ones in different divisions.

Zech plays for Leyton Orient after signing his professional contract on Friday, February 4, guaranteeing him a place in the soccer club until the summer of 2024.

The talented center midfielder rose in ranks since the age of 18 years, impressing Leyton Orient which has decided to keep him for long.

The 18-year old was a mainstay in the midfield for the club during his under 18 season. He was a big part of the English side as he enabled them to advance in the FA Youth third round against Chelsea.

“Zech was one of the later ones to get a scholarship, but once he came in, people were speaking really highly of him; he wants to learn, and he’s got loads of ability,” one of his coaches described him.

“He’s technically very good, exciting, can score goals, and is an all round player. He has energy and can work box-to-box, and is starting to learn the defensive side of the game too.”

His elder brother, Micah Obiero, on the other side, is also making good progress and writing history in English football. Micah plays for Huddersfield Town that plays in the championship division.

Unlike his brother Zech who is a midfielder, Micah is a forward. The technically talented forward started his career by joining the Town Academy in 2016. This is after having a successful trial season with another academy, XYZ, that is based in London.

Micah spent then spent the majority of his 2017 and 2018 season playing for the Under 18 side. During that period he netted eight goals in 19 matches.

In 2019, he became a top scorer for the Under 18 side as well as registering his name in the FA Youth cup score sheet.

He has since transitioned to joining Huddersfield Town and is among the most prolific strikers for the club. The two are making a mark and hope to transition to the English Premier League in the coming years.



Kenyan Brothers Zech Obiero & Micah Obiero Making Mark In UK Soccer

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