Kenyans Angry as Govt plans to increase Immigration/Citizenship fees

Kenyans Angry as Govt plans to increase Immigration/Citizenship fees
Kenyans Angry as Govt plans to increase Immigration/Citizenship fees

Kenyans will have to dig deeper into their pockets to get government services if a proposal by the Interior Ministry is adopted as it is.

In a gazette notice on November 7, 2023, Treasury Cabinet Secretary (CS) Njuguna Ndung’u granted his Interior counterpart Kithure Kindiki the authority for the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services to revise charges and levies for various government services.

Among the services affected include; verification fees (IPRS), citizenship fees, permanent residence fees, registration of births and deaths fees, visa fees, passport fees, work permit fees and Identity Card (ID) fees.

Most of the fees charged for government services have been revised upwards by 25 per cent.

For instance, common services sought by Kenyans including acquiring a certificate of birth will now cost Ksh200, up from Ksh50. The same charge goes for a death certificate.

Here is the proposed new fees:
34 page passport – 7500sh.
50 page passport – 9500sh.
Birth/death  certificate – 500sh
Entry visa without Kenyan passport – $100
Dual citizenship declaration – 10,000sh
Regaining citizenship – 50,000sh.
Passport endorsement – 10,000sh.
Citizenship by marriage – 100,000sh.
Children of Kenyan citizens born outside Kenya – 200,000sh.
Below is The Kenya Gazette of 7th November 2023
Re-registration of birth will cost Ksh1,000 up from Ksh90 while amendments of both birth and death certificates will cost Ksh1,000 up from Ksh130.

Work permit fees for foreigners have also been adjusted upwards in the new proposal.

A work permit for investors Class G will cost Ksh250,000 up from Ksh100,000 while a work permit for investors Class D will be Ksh500,000 up from Ksh200,000.

Foreigners will also have to pay Ksh30,000 work permit processing fees, up from Ksh10,000.

Members of the public have been invited to tender their representations and comments and send them through the postal and physical addresses provided in the gazette notice or through the Interior Ministry’s email address.

Here are some comments on social media.

1.Henceforth we are going to Tanzania for December vacation. Those relatives who want to see us wavuke borders.  Let Tanzania enjoy the benefits of being a hospitable host country. We can leave out stress behind only to be stressed by people who have no clue about acceptable international norms of tourism. I pay tax on my gift to loved ones here and then pay a secondary tax to deliver them? If we have to visit 254 we are going backpacking my guy. The rest we will buy cheap, such as rubber shoes, clothes or toothpaste for use at  the beach and abandon them at the hotels on our way out.

2.Six months ago we paid $50 for single entry pass. Today it has double. By next year it will be $150. Go Tanzania go. Same air same animals, same beaches, same languages, less corruption, less stress, less madharau. Please keep it up Zakayo. Next tax is for showing up.

3.Indeed we will touchdown in 254 to connect flights for leisure and leasure reserved for enjoyment in Tanzania. Kenya tunapitia tuu. Usijali those hotels and tourist destinations will be open for local tourist. So mujipange


Kenyans Angry as Govt plans to increase Immigration/Citizenship fees

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