New Made in Kenya Outfits now available in the USA

| March 13, 2015 | 4 Comments

JOHARIJohari Outfits made in Kenya previously sold in the UK are now available in USA. The outfits are made by less privileged who are empowered through economic empowerment programs. The Johari designs give Kenyans in the USA an opportunity to look Good and Do good. A new partner in the USA twomilestreet is making arrangements for the sale of the items through their website wholesale orders are also available for those with events and would love to adorn or resell Kenyan outfits. Contact us at or like us on facebook and support great causes.

Johari, which means ‘something precious’ in Swahili, makes stylish beautiful clothing and accessories that people love. Every item is handmade in Kenya by Social Enterprise By wearing Johari you are empowering vulnerable young adults to build a living for themselves and their families.Learn more about Johari at



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  1. Marylouise says:

    I actually bought a pair of sparkly tights about a month ago, but I haven’t worn them yet. For some reason they only seem to look good when dressing for ocaiscons I do not attend. So I need to work that out, pronto

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