What is going on at the Kenyan Embassy in Washington DC?


What is going on at the Kenyan Embassy in Washington DC?





An anonymous user has posted this information on a Kenyan discussion forum regarding the goings-on at


the Kenya Embassy. We have reached out to our contacts in DC and will stay on this story until we know what is going on:


Wananchi wenzangu, I would like to bring to your attention a mega scandal that has been unearthed at the Kenya Embassy in Washington DC. As many of you may know, the scandal as reported here a while back involves the dissapearance of close to $2.5 Million in over a period of three years.

Most of these funds are collections from visa fees, passport renewal fees, funds allocated for settlement of newly posted staff, and funds for office renovation.

As Ogego and many diplomats in the DC office prepare to leave following rumors of an imminent reshuffle, those invloved in this scandal hatched a plan six weeks ago on how to cover up their criminal activities before a new team comes in.


  1. Six weeks ago, The Ambassador HE Peter Rateng Oginga Ogego travelled to Kenya on what many thought was a recall. This trip was merely a sideshow and upon arrival in Nairobi, the Hon. Ambassador met senior officials to discuss how corruption at the Embassy could be covered.

It has been confirmed that most of the recipients of the $2.5 million are senior officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based in Nairobi. These senior officials are said to have been frequent visitors in Washington DC and are part of a clique that forms a secret and yet a hard operational financial clandestine group within the government circles who are adamant that the next appointee to Washington MUST be one of “their own” in order to continue with their corrupt activities at the Embassy.

  1. As the Ambassador was in Nairobi, it was agreed by senior official at the Foreign Affairs Ministry that “action” had to be taken fast and swiftly. It is at this point that “Senior” auditors from the Ministry were dispatched to Washington. Before departure to DC, these auditors had already received strict instructions on what they were suppose to do while in Washington and who their target was. While enroute to Washington, the Deputy Ambassador summoned their “target” and mentioned things such as “you know the money can buy you many flats in Nairobi.”

The “target” was shocked and it was during this meeting that he was informed that he was being sent on unpaid leave together with two other employees who were given cosmetic temporary suspensions. These two have since gone back to work.

  1. While the Hon. Ambassador was still in Nairobi, an order came from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asking the Chief of Protocal (PM) at the Embassy to draft a letter to the US Immigration Department informing them that the “target” was nolonger an employee of the Kenya Embassy and his visa together with the defendants needed to be revoked and sent back to Kenya immidiately.

This operation between Nairobi and Washington is seen as an operation to take the “target” back to Nairobi to face dubious charges as the corruption at the Embassy is covered. You are all aware what happens when one is falsely accused and lands in the hands of the Kenyan Justice system which most of us don’t have faith in.

  1. It is sad to announce, that last Wednesday, the “target” was picked up by US Immigration officials together with his elder son and detained for one day at a local detention facility in Virginia, and given three weeks to leave the country.

The Chief of Protocal at the Embassy (PM) is said to be in Nairobi awaiting the arrival of the “target” so as to get him locked up immediately so that this corruption scandal at the Embassy may not be unearthed.


Here is how The Embassy cashes in.

  1. Have you ever asked yourself why the Embassy insists on payment by money order ONLY? It is because money orders do no require the “payee” field to be filled. Meaning anyone can deposit the money order in any account.

If payment is made by personal checks, there is paper trail and the owner through online banking can tell who cashed the check. This is the main reason the Embassy does not accept personal checks, not because of fear of bouncing. Cashiers checks MUST be pre filled with the payee. Here again the Embassy does not want this because people maybe wary of why a check for service rendered should be written to an individual.

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs allocates funds for newly appointed diplomats however, these funds are diverted to individual pockets. This is how.

Once the Embassy purchases household items for incoming diplomats, these items are recycled over and over again BUT, each time a new employee receives the items he/she has to mark them as new….makes sense? And the money for the new arrival is pocketed…it has happened over and over…..

…to be continued..




This is to inform and notify general public in the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Kenya that MR. DOUGLAS ODHIAMBO WESTLEY NDEDE, picture above and former VISA CLERK, with Kenya Embassy Washington, D.C. has been summarily dismissed with effect from April 27, 2009 following his embezzlement of funds entrusted to him.

Anybody dealing with him will do so at their own risk. The Embassy will not bear any liability or responsibility.


April 28, 2009








Ruto dismisses Karua resignation, says she was incompetent



Two ministers on Tuesday dismissed the resignation of Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Martha Karua.

Mr William Ruto of Agriculture said Ms Karua was incompetent while Water and Irrigation minister Charity Ngilu accused her of helping rig Mr Kibaki into power in 2007.
Mr Ruto said the Gichugu MP had never attempted to initiate reforms and instead worked against constitutional reforms and created a biased Electoral Commission, which mismanaged the 2007 polls.
“A fallout in PNU and the clique she was supporting does not make Karua a reformist. She did not present any memorandum to the Cabinet for reforms and practically championed the failure to have a new constitution,” Mr Ruto said.
Fool Kenyans
The minister, who was speaking at the Agricultural Finance Corporation offices after opening a new branch in Nairobi, said Ms Karua was incompetent and should not fool Kenyans she was denied an opportunity to implement reforms.
Mrs Ngilu said even after Kenyans voted for change, Ms Karua stood firm and ensured President Kibaki took the country’s leadership.
Source-The Nation


Read before you start complaining of—



“My Eyes”
~ ~
There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she was blind.
She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend.
He was always there for her.
She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend..
One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her and then she could see everything, including her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend asked her,”Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?”
The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was blind too, and refused to marry him.
Her boyfriend walked away in tears, and later wrote a letter to her saying, “Just take care of my eyes dear.”
(He had donated his eyes to her.)
This is how the human brain changes when our status changes.
Only few remember what life was before, and who’s always been there even in the most painful situations.
” Life Is A Gift ”
Today before you say an unkind word,
Think of someone who can’t speak.
Before you complain about the taste of your food,
Think of someone who has nothing to eat.
Before you complain about your husband or wife,
Think of someone who’s crying out for a companion.
Today before you complain about life,
Think of someone who went too early to heaven.
Before you complain about your children,
Think of someone who desires children but they’re barren.
Before you complain about cleaning your house,
Think of the people who are living in the streets.
Before whining about the distance you drive,
Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet.
And when you are tired and complain about your job,
Think of the unemployed,and those who wish they had your job.
And before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another,
Remember that not one of us are without sin and we all answer to one maker.
And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down,
Put a smile on your face and thank God you’re alive and well.
Life is a gift, Live it, Enjoy it, Celebrate it, And Fulfill it.
…kweli maisha ni safari ndefu……


Plane crashes into L. Victoria


March 10, 2009

TRAGIC: Rescue workers gather debris from the wreckage.


Rescuers were by yesterday evening still searching for the wreckage of a Somalia-bound cargo plane that plunged into Lake Victoria with 11 people on board.
No survivors or bodies had been found by press time last night, and the government refused to rule out anything – including terrorism – as having caused the crash.
“I am not ruling out anything,” Information Minister Kabakumba Matsiko told a press conference yesterday, “but I am not including anything. Anything is possible.”
It also emerged that the plane hit two boats on initial impact, injuring at least four fishermen as it plunged into the lake, Ms Matsiko said.
“They [fishermen] are out of danger,” she said, but provided no details of their whereabouts.
Eyewitnesses identified two of the hit fishermen as Mr Fred Batte and Mr Karim Mubajje, who were later used as guides by the rescue team.
“As we talk now, we have not rescued anyone and we have not seen any bodies,” Ms Matsiko said. “As government, we are building capacity …we are setting up a national emergency disaster centre.”
Responding to concerns that the rescue team had been slow and weak, she added: “It [rescue team] started small and it was growing big, but all this depends on the circumstances on the ground.”
A joint team of rescuers spent the whole of yesterday near Magombe Fishing Ground trying to retrieve the bodies, but with no success.
According one rescue officer, who wished to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the incident, only four divers were doing a job that needs at least 150 of them.
What is going on at the Kenyan Embassy
Police sources at the scene told Daily Monitor that they planned to bring in skilled divers and equipment from Egypt.
The incident could open the government to fresh criticism about its lackluster response to emergencies, with eye witnesses claiming it took unusually long before a team of rescuers reached the scene.
The government announced yesterday that it had set up a joint team to investigate the incident, but already there were reports, confirmed by Ms Masiko, that a ball of smoke was seen rising from the aircraft moments before it went down.
The plane, an Illyushin 76 operated by Aerolift and chartered by Dynacorp, was on a regular trip to Somalia, where the Ugandan contingent there was waiting for fresh supplies to be delivered.
“The aircraft, which was carrying tents and water purification equipment for the African [Union] Mission to Somalia [Amisom] had four crew and seven other people,” a statement from the Civil Aviation Authority said.
“The Entebbe Airport and UPDF Marine Search and Rescue teams immediately went to the scene where the aircraft had crashed and sank. All people on board are feared dead.” Business went on as usual at Entebbe International Airport yesterday.
The airworthiness of the plane, on its twentieth trip to Mogadishu, was not in doubt, according to Ms Matsiko. “It is not the first time that this plane was carrying out this mission to Somalia,” she said.
“The Civil Aviation Authority is not really worried about the airworthiness of this plane.”
Aboard the plane were four crew members, all of them Russians, and seven passengers who included three Burundians, two Ugandans, an Indian and a South African.
The aircraft crashed into Lake Victoria “soon after take-off, 5.5 nautical miles [9.9 km] south of the airport, at 5.14 this morning,” the CAA statement, signed by public affairs manager Ignie Igunduura, said.
“An investigation team is being constituted by the Minister of Works and Transport to determine the probable cause of accident.”
Efforts to establish the identities of the investigators were futile; all the relevant authorities, including Mr Igunduura, could not be reached by telephone for details about the scope of the investigation.
The authorities declined to reveal the identities of the people aboard the plane, saying they would do so only after their families had been notified.
But Mr Sam Engola, who holds the local franchise that runs the fleet of planes that included the one that crashed, said the carrier was insured by the South African company Erodiff, whose managers were to arrive yesterday evening to assess their liability.
Mr Engola identified the four Russian crew as flight captain Vicktor Kovalyov, flight captain Alex Vouchenko, flight engineer Korol Eugueny, and navigator Zavoloka Vladmir.
The identities of the passengers were not available to Mr Engola, he said.
The government said in a statement that it was calling upon the affected people “to remain calm”. Works and Transport Minister John Nasasira told reporters in Entebbe: “We haven’t retrieved anyone but the search is still on.”
Daily Monitor has learnt that one of the Ugandans aboard the plane is Alex Kilembe, whose details were not readily available. Mr Gerald Ssesanga, a resident of the nearby Kigungu shores, said the crash happened a few minutes after another plane, possibly a Kenya Airways flight, had left the airport.
“I first saw light coming out of the rear part of the plane but thought that it was the usual back fire that some aeroplanes pass out. I was surprised to see it being consumed by [a] fire,” Mr Ssesanga said.
Rowdy people are said to have stolen parts of the wrecked aircraft still floating on the lake, and two men were in custody.
Plane accidents at Entebbe Airport
  • April 30, 2000 – A DAS Air Cargo DC-10 freighter N800WR from London-Gatwick and carrying over 50 tonnes of cargo crashed as it landed at Entebbe. The crew members were rescued with a life-raft within just 10 minutes of the accident.
  • March 19, 2005 – A Boeing 707 cargo plane headed for Togo from Ethiopia and carrying 3.2 tonnes of cargo, plunged into Lake Victoria as it landed to refuel at Entebbe Airport.
  • January 8, 2005 – A DR Congo-registered cargo plane belonging to Service Air Company crashed in Bukalaza village in Entebbe, killing its six-member Russian crew.
  • September 25, 2007 – A twin-engine, eight-seater French-made aircraft belonging to Furgo Airborne Surveys, contracted by government in November 2006 to carry out airborne geo-physical survey of Uganda’s mineral wealth, crashed after take off, killing two people.
Source-The monitor



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