Lies We Believe: Words are Powerful, They can Build or Destroy

Lies We Believe: Words are Powerful, They can Build or Destroy
Lies We Believe: Words are Powerful, They can Build or Destroy

“The tongue has the power of life and death,” Proverbs 18:21. What really influences the way we think? Whether we realize it or not, what people say about us has a great influence on how we perceive ourselves.

Many people struggle with negative remarks made by a parent, peers or someone in authority. Words are powerful; they can either build or destroy. This explains why people still talk about the negative remarks they heard while growing up. Such remarks as,“You will never amount to anything; you cannot do anything right; why can’t you be like your brother/sister; you are such a failure.”

These words still haunt them. But what is worse is that they believe they are not good enough and accept failure as their destiny. These are outright lies people believe about themselves. They cause one to live life on an imaginary leash that keeps them bound from going beyond what they have been told. In other words, someone set boundaries for them, and they have believed that lie.
Do not let others or situations determine/limit what you can or cannot do. God never created any victims. Therefore, do not allow people or circumstance in life to make you one. God sees you as His child (John 1:12). He says He has a wonderful plan for your life (Jer.2911). He sees you as a victor and not a victim (Rom.8:37). He sees you as a vessel He can use (2 Tim.2:20-21).All the negative things you may have been told about yourself are lies from the enemy. They are designed to keep you from becoming all that God intended you to be.
If you want to break from the lies you believe about yourself, you must change the way you think. Use God’s word, what He says about you to identify the lies you’ve believed all these years. Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free,” (John 8:32). Do not live a lie; Christ already paid the price for your victory. God created you to succeed. What He says about you is superior to what anyone else says. In fact, no bad experiences or tragedies in life can change God’s plan for your life. Believe what God says about you and it will change your life.
In His Vineyard,
Boniface G. Gitau
Vessel of Honor International Ministries


Lies We Believe: Words are Powerful, They can Build or Destroy 


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