We are at the verge of something greater than ourselves


 "But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." (Isaiah 40:31).
The Lord God almighty still sits on the throne, high and exalted. He is in control of the affairs of men and not out of control. The Lord God almighty lives forever; he who watches over you does not slumber or sleep. Early this year the Lord spoke to me saying things will get worse and worse from the human understanding; that many will lose hope, give up and just throw their hands up and try to get along with life instead of resisting the devil. He is again reminding us this week of his hand of deliverance and mercy. Though the earth be shaken and be moved, he still promises peace to those who are in covenant with him. The Lord upholds his covenant towards us. For us children of God, though we feel and hear the pressures of this life, and the Goliaths shouting and mocking us, remember that those who know their God shall do great exploits. Many of us may be feeling like the church of Jesus Christ is a minority in this hour. You might feel like you are the only one standing for the truth, righteousness, holiness, purity and sound doctrine. Saint, may I encourage you that there are many more saints like you. Keep on believing in the Lord Jesus, keep on praying and standing in the gap, and do not grow weary in well doing for in due season you shall reap the harvest.
We are at the verge of something great. Those who have a relationship with the Lord you can agree that the He is up to something. There is a great shifting taking place on earth among some sons and daughters of God that is going to cause a shift in heaven. There are many children of God worldwide crying for God’s attention and intervention. They are crying for God’s move upon earth. As they are praying and taking action with the instructions from the Holy Spirit, this is causing a shift on earth. As the spiritual shift takes place on earth you see the saints of God moving away from self seeking to seek God. They are moving from what they want and asking the Lord for what he wants. Something happened when the believers in the book of Acts started facing persecutions. As a result of these persecutions, they became evangelists to areas beyond Jerusalem including other lands. Through their trouble they came to a realization that all they needed was God’s power and the Holy Spirit used them in their weakness. There is a power that comes to us when we know that our own strength and ability have become as nothing in the face of the enemy. God’s power comes over us when
 we admit that without him we can do nothing.
This world is coming to an end and the events point to the soon return of Jesus. Major currencies have grown weak, governments have no money, and many structures and systems that used to be in place to support the needy and poor will soon cease to exist. Yet the lord has a word to those who are his: he will be your provider, your healer, deliverer and all that you can ask from him. When you are in right standing with him, you will continue prospering even in the time of famine. Child of God, great things are yet to happen; there are dreams that are yet to be dreamed and lived. There is still hope to be hoped for, and shouts of victory that have to be made. Ask the Lord to fill you once again with his spirit and give you the anointing for this hour. Stop relying on yesterday’s victories, press on towards the mark, knowing that the battle is the Lord’s. Ask him to hold your hand and let him lead you.
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Greetings  in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
We are Christians and what amazing blessings we have and can know because we are united to Jesus.
Be encouraged for the grace and righteousness you have received-the gift of the Holy Spirit and the promise of eternal life all because of Christ.

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The Lord’s Bond Servant,
Evangelist Isabella Mwango

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