Zuma Zuma Boys from Kenya wow Americans-Video


The amazing Kenyan Acrobatic Troupe, Zuma Zuma from Mombasa once again ‘wowed’ Americans with their latest installment of high-energy acrobatics on national TV.

Making their third appearance on NBC’s America’s Got Talent on Tuesday evening, the Kenyan team once again received a standing ovation from the audience and favourable reviews from the judges.

Easily jumping from one pole to the other like monkeys, the Kenyan boys once again showed just how flexible they are during their routine. With new elements to the act, the delivery of the act was intense and exciting. The two poles in the center of the stage were three floors high and had the contestants pushing the boundaries of movement in a unique way.

From Kenya with smiles, enthusiasm and a winning attitude but now operating from Hollywood and Las Vegas, the group continually brings gymnastics, jumping, juggling, balancing and contortion into their act- delivered with the precession and speed that always leave the audience gasping for breath.

With only 90 seconds to show that they are worth a million dollars, the group jumps from one stunt to the next; barely letting the audience catch their breath.

Sharing exactly what they are capable of, without a mat, the group did some stunts that are ‘dangerous at home’ and definitely worth a show. The question is if the group performed well enough for America to vote for their act.

Kenyans were last night reaching to each other and asking other Kenyans to text in and vote for the homeboys. With the competition intensifying with everybody claiming stakes in the one million dollar prize that is up for grabs, Zuma Zuma will need every vote from Kenyans in US to advance.

On Wednesday, after the voting is in, America will find out who will be going home and who moves on with the four slots available in the semifinals. Will the homeboys advance? Good luck


Source- http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/InsidePage.php?id=2000040106&cid=4

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