Life a circus for Kenyan acrobats in Australia


THE Royal Kenyan Acrobats have confirmed what every child already knows; that nothing compares to a life in the circus.

Group leader Geoffrey Odindo, who is in town for the Loritz Circus, said no job was as good as his.

"What we do is the best, we’ve been doing it for two years and I still don’t want to quit," he said.

"You get to travel, you meet people, you leave them and meet more new people.

"It’s a good life."

The group started performing in Kenya and came to Australia two years ago after spending time entertaining crowds in England, Netherlands and a prince in Saudi Arabia.

"We were inspired by other people back home and were lucky enough to get a job with the Loritz Circus," Mr Odindo said.

He said despite the excitement of a life in the circus he still sometimes misses his native country and has plans to return one day.

"When it’s all over maybe I’ll go back home and start a circus school," he said.

They are never in one place long, but organiser Sue Wilson said the group tries to mix in the communities they visit, particularly the African community.

"There was a suburb in Brisbane we went to called Moorooka where a lot of people with African backgrounds live so they went out and talked to the people; they got to talk in Swahili," she said.

"One of them is from a Baptist church in Kenya so he always goes to the local community Baptist people in the area and entertains the people there."

Ms Wilson said even though the theme was "Out of Africa", the show featured a selection of international performers.

"We’ve got aerial acts from a Chinese troupe, clowns and miniature horses," she said.

"They (the acrobats) do about five different things and there is little Americus the hula hooper."

Americus has previously performed on the Oprah Winfrey show and New Zealand’s Got Talent.

The circus runs from today until Sunday with tickets starting at $16 for children and $22 for adults.

Ms Wilson said people had to be turned away from their show in Byron Bay last week so bookings are recommended.

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