Video-Kenya Gets Own YouTube Domain


YouTube has announced the launch of a Kenyan domain, YouTube Kenya  that will now offer some of the most informative and entertaining video content from around the world through a local interface that promotes the content most relevant to Kenyans.

As proved by Julius Yego, javelin gold medalist at the 10th All Africa Games in Mozambique who perfected his technique by watching YouTube, there is something on YouTube for everyone. From amateur to professional content, the unexpected to the emotionally affecting, the educational to the entertaining, Kenyans now have greater flexibility to tell their stories, and find videos most useful to them.


“We are thrilled to be launching YouTube in Kenya today,” said Olaga Arara-Kimani, Google Kenya’s Country manager. “We have remarkable reserves of information right here in Kenya, from music, educational clips, news, and self-help tips. With a new localised version of YouTube, Kenyans will be able to connect and use this information more easily.”

YouTube Kenya makes it easier for local users to find and view the videos most relevant to them, by tuning search and discovery algorithms such as featured videos and homepage, as well as category spotlights.

Content uploaded by users in Kenya will show up as “browse pages” on the YouTube Kenya site, creating a new virtual space for the national community and giving Kenyan users the opportunity to increase their exposure.

Speaking at a Nairobi hotel during the launch, Dr Bitange Ndemo, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communications said: “Information remains an invaluable resource that can be used by people young and old alike, professional and amateur to open up their worlds to new opportunities.

“Accessing relevant information and sharing helpful stories on the Internet is enabling people to learn, train and partner with each other to help better their lives. The government remains committed to helping Kenyans connect with content that is most useful to them.

“The Internet is opening up new channels to market the wonders of Kenya to potential tourists all over the world. Ours is a beautiful country; even with the highest number of tourists’ arrivals ever recorded last year, a 15%growth compared to 2009, the sector has the potential to grow even stronger.  Online video platforms like YouTube can help us achieve this potential.”






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