A Kenyan residing in Sweden since the 70s is dead


A Kenyan national whose funeral was announced in the latest Edition of Mitt I Botkyrka Salem, died in his apartment on 12th September before his body was discovered by Swedish authorities last month.

Mr. Boniface Mutahi Gacheru, a 67 year old Kenyan who has been residing in Sweden since the 70s, is dead. Although available information indicate that Mr. Gacheru died on September 12th, close friends who have been contacted by KSB have said that they do not know when or how he died.

Information about his death became known to KSB contacts today after details about his burial were published in Mitt I Botkyrka Salem, a local weekly newspaper in Bortkyrka municipality. The latest Edition of the Weekly went into circulation today.

According to an advertisement placed by unknown people in the paper, Gacheru will be buried on Thursday December 1st 2011 at Lilla Dalens Church at 11.00 hrs. A Swedish Funeral company called Isacson will take care of the burial.

Mr. Gacheru hails from Nyeri district in Kenya and came to Sweden from the former Soviet Union where he was studying. According to Kenyan friends, the late Kenyan never married and had no children. In Stockholm, friends used to call him Cow Boy and he is well known for his gambling with horses.

The late Kenyan is known to have been a very hard working person. According to information gathered by KSB, Mr. Mutahi used to work with a Cooperative firm but when he lost his job due to retrenchment, he moved to Grand Hotel, his last known workplace, where he was dong the dishes.

Friends have informed KSB that the circumstances of the burial constitutes a secret burial and the questions being asked is why the Kenyan community (including close friends) know nothing about his death and burial.

Friends have also told KSB that the late Gacheru never changed his citizenship and the next question is whether the Kenyan Embassy has been informed by the Swedish authorities about his death and whether the Embassy knows that he will be buried in Sweden without the participation of his relatives back home.

Since Mr. Gacheru has been working throughout his life, another critical question is who is destined to gain out of his terminal benefits and any pensions schemes he may have had. These benefits are normally paid to a next of kin or family members. Friends are also interested in knowing how he died and why his burial has been confined within the Swedish system.

News of Gacherus death comes barely 24 hours after news hit KSB to the effect that the body of Mr. Charles Njonjo, a 74 year-old Kenyan who has been residing in Sweden since 1959, was discovered in his apartment in Alby in Botkyrka municipality. It is notable that Gacheru also lived in Alby estate where the mysterious deaths of the two Kenyans have been reported. 

Source- http://kenyastockholm.com/2011/11/16/beniface-gacheru-died-in-his-apartment-in-alby-stockholm/



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