Gangsters Break Into Sonko’s Mombasa House


MAKADARA MP Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s house in Mombasa was raided yesterday morning by a gang of men who sexually molested a house girl after terrorizing the family and escaping with valuables worth more than Sh200,000. The attack occured at 3am at the family house in Mtopanga. The MP’s sister, Ms Mwajuma Hamisi and other family members were in the house at the time.

The house girl aged 21 years was raped by one of the men, as his other accomplices ransacked the house in search of money and other valuables. Following the incident, two administration police officers were deployed to guard the house as one of the security measures that have been put in place.

Kisauni OCPD Julius Wanjohi said nobody was injured during the incident, but a friend to Mwajuma, who was sleeping with the maid in one of the rooms, had her hands tied with a cloth as the gang whipped her with the blunt side of a panga. The gang which is believed to be of eight men, scaled a perimeter fence of the three bedroomed house and broke the front door before gaining entry.

Said Wanjohi: “We are trying to pursue very crucial leads that will lead to the arrest of the suspects, and soon we shall get hold of them.” Mwajuma said at the time of the incident, she was in the house with five other people including her husband, brother, his wife plus the maid and a friend. “We heard someone screaming and when my husband went to check, a group of five men entered our bedroom and commanded us to continue sleeping, they demanded for money after taking all our phones but we told them we had none,” she said.

Wanjohi said the men were armed with crude weapons and stole gold jewellery, mobile phones, two DVDs, but their efforts to carry a 5 CD changer flopped after they realized they could not move it from the wall unit. “The men took Sh6,000 which was in the house and locked us from outside, after terrorizing us for an hour,” said Mwajuma. Senior police officers visited the scene to establish how the gang managed to get into the secured house.

Meanwhile, a KK security guard was brutally murdered by unknown assailants after he reported on duty at Bamburi area, near the Bamburi Beach Hotel. Wanjohi said the officer reported to work on Sunday morning but when his reliever came, he was nowhere to be seen. “His badly mutilated body was recovered near a forest in Bamburi and he was half naked, it seems the attackers had sodomised him shortly before killing him,” he said.

The police also did not recover a radio call that was in his possession, and ruled out possibilities that it may have been passersby. Said Wanjohi: “This seems to be a well planned and executed arrangement since the officer’s duty was to keep away illegal loggers and those without permits, from felling the trees.”




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