Kenyans in Diaspora best candidates for 2012 Election


Dr. Wilson Endege of Harvard, Boston has initiated a proposal that will have Kenyans in Diaspora become Candidates in Kenya elections 2012. The goal of the proposal is to interest Kenyans in the Diaspora into committing to serve Kenya by competing for 2012 seats in the 47 governor, 47 senate, 290 National Assembly, 47 women national assembly and at least 500 county assembly seats .The proposal is based on the fact that many within the Diaspora have lived in systems like the one being implemented in Kenya following the promulgation of the new constitution last year.

Dr. Endege, who is associated with 5 patents in the medical field believes that the Diaspora Kenyans have the unique advantage to help shape and grow Kenya faster by tapping into their vast knowledge of having a real life experience leaving in similar governing systems in developed economies which Kenya is in the process of establishing.

The Diaspora Kenyans would first organize into an informal group and then take up or join one of the political parties in Kenya. In so doing, they would create a new idea and issue based platform that will allow them to compete under its issues umbrella in a party of their choice. “If 1000 Kenyans in the Diaspora present themselves, there is a high chance of winning 500 seats in national government and county governments,” says Dr. Endege.

To initiate and kick off the development of “The Diaspora Issue Based Platform”, the following simple approach for those who would like to be part of the process is tentatively proposed.

  1. Any individual that is interested and wants to be part of the team has to forward an Email to Diasporake2012at and making a public statement of their intention to run for office.
  2. A 3-day meeting will be arranged to be held next year February 17th to 20th in one of the cities in the U.S to develop blueprint for Diaspora Candidates by leveraging and sharing ideas from participants so as to develop a strong issues based platform that executable once an aspirant is successfully elected to office.
  3. A well-developed system and plan will be developed via discussion and this will be implemented to aid each candidate become a serious contender on an elected party platform besides setting all the requirements for the candidate to run an effective and successful campaign.
  4. Tailor a strong message and strong candidates and set ways to develop a strong campaign based on ideas.
  5. Set plan to outline the Diaspora Candidates Party platform centered on economic opportunity.  The following among the many other initiatives that the Diaspora will develop and champion;
        a.) Ways to spur targeted economic growth in different counties and communities.
        b.) Ways to increase GDP from $65 billion to $200 billion in 5 years.
        c.) Ways in which part of Diaspora remittances can be channeled to investment projects in Kenya to create new wealth that can benefit Diaspora contributors while creating new opportunities to people back in Kenya.
        d.) Ways to create new jobs and opportunities in Kenya.
        e.) Ways of improving education in the sciences, maths and arts, and help Kenya graduates be competitive globally.
  6. The plan will develop and outline a bare knuckle budget for each candidate and help develop support systems that the Diaspora Candidates can use in campaigning with an intention of winning as many seats as possible by the Diaspora candidates.
  7. The plan will also help create ways to raise funds to finance the party the Diaspora candidates.
  8. Once everything is set, the goal is to have 1,000 Kenyans from the Diaspora be on the ballots through one party. The winners thereafter will represent their respective constituents in Parliament or County governments under the economic platform created.
  9. The party will aim at winning the majority of both chambers of parliament national assembly and senate, 30 Governors, and majorities in 30 counties assemblies.
  10. The party will work closely with the Kenyan Diaspora in finding and advancing ways to grow Kenya’s economy at faster pace.

If you want to be part of those that will serve Kenyans 2012 – 201,7 please Email diasporake2012 at and let us get started in turning the development trajectory of Kenya with ideas from Kenyans in Diaspora.




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