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ODM K named Wiper Democratic Movement

Vice President Kalonzo’s Party ODM-Kenya has officially endorsed the change of its name to Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya.

This completes the rebranding exercise that has been going on for the last one year.

First the party changed its logo and symbol from one and a half orange to umbrella and adopted new colours sky blue, earth red and white.

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Speaking Monday during the ODM-Kenya National Executive Committee and Parliamentary Group meeting held at the Maanzoni hotel in,Mavoko, Machakos County, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka said the change of the name signifies a new beginning for the party.

Mr. Musyoka said the new set of electoral rules will bring discipline in the political arena as it will stamp out detrimental political ideologies and political thuggery.

"It is necessary for the country to enforce the new rules so that political parties adhere to the rule of law," said Mr. Musyoka.

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The Vice President said the country has suffered for too long because of bad politics and ideologies and it was now time for politics to be played according to the rule of law which all political parties must oblige to.

Mr. Musyoka said the new constitution gives prosecution powers to the electoral commission to prosecute political parties that do not adhere to the ethics and corruption laws as enshrined in the constitution.

Present at the meeting included the Assistant Ministers Gideon Ndambuki and David Musila and Members of Parliament Itwiku Mbai, Victor Munyaka, Charles Kilonzo, Mohammed Affey, Shakila Abdalla, Yusuf Hassan, Prof. Philip Kaloki, Daniel Muoki and Isaack Muoki.

He said the implication of election offences were serious hence the Wiper Democratic Movement-K Party was in the process of putting in place all the requirements to enable her be compliant with the rules that govern political parties before 2012.

"This is an organized party which is determined to include the disabled persons, gender and the youth as per the guidelines of the political parities Act   

He said   2012 is the year of destiny for the Wiper d party as a political party adding that it will work with like- minded political parties to win the 2012 elections.

The Vice President said the party was doing a lot of consultations with the PNU alliance and was now better equipped to negotiate and get into a well informed coalition.

"With the coalitions people are embracing each other which is good for democracy," said Mr. Musyoka.

He said time for electoral violence is gone as Kenyans now need responsible leaders who are focused.

The Wiper Democratic Movement-K, Secretary General Mutula Kilonzo said the party has given powers to the party leader to engage with like-minded political parties in forging alliances for the 2012 general elections.

Mr. Mutula said the objective of Monday’s meeting was to strengthen bonding and to go through the political parties act and in particular leadership and governance.

He hinted that the 2012 general election will be held on 17th December 2012.

The secretary general said the Wiper Movement’s party vision is to wipe out corruption, election fraud and violence among political parties.

"This is a new Kenya, I recommend to all political parties to carry themselves with decorum since the new Act empowers those flouting the rules to be prosecuted by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission," he said.

He said the party will soon start its registration and recruitment exercise countrywide in preparation for the 2012 general elections.



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