Defiant Miguna threatens to reveal all

An estranged confidant of Prime Minister Raila Odinga claims the lifting of his suspension was aimed at blocking him from publishing an explosive book on his experiences in the PMs office.

What they are trying to do is to stop me from releasing my book and stopping the cases in court. I can assure that the book will be published, it is already with the printer and they can do nothing about it, Mr Miguna Miguna told the Nation on Sunday.

That is why they wanted me to sign the local agreement because Im sure if you read the fine print, there are things like one should not write a book while in government service and things like that. I will also not withdraw the cases in court. Why should I? he added.

Mr Miguna on Saturday called a press conference to reject an offer that he return to work as Mr Odingas adviser on constitutional affairs after an investigation cleared him of the alleged misdeeds that led to his suspension last August. (READ: Miguna declines job recall)

Mr Miguna has previously accused a section of Mr Odingas close allies of plotting to have him kicked out of office.

After his suspension, Mr Miguna, hitherto one of Mr Odingas fiercest defenders, authored a series of highly critical articles in his weekly column in The Star newspaper.

He also made successive appearances on the K24 television talk show The Bench hosted by Jeff Koinange, and took to sending streams of SMS messages making damaging allegations against Mr Odinga.

His general thrust was that the PMs office was riddled with corruption and nepotism, promising to reveal all in a tell-all book.

Since his appointment, Mr Miguna has had constant battles with the PS in the PMs office, Dr Mohammed Isahakia, and the Chief of Staff, Mr Caroli Omondi.

He has also regularly aimed his barbs at Mr Odingas principal political allies, namely, Lands minister James Orengo, joint Chief Whip Jakoyo Midiwo and Finance assistant minister Oburu Oginga, who is the PMs elder brother.

The Nation learnt that Mr Migunas suspension was lifted following a series of meetings called to still the increasingly bitter backlash carried in newspaper columns and aired on television.

Five meetings
At least five meetings had been held between Mr Odingas emissaries and Mr Miguna over the last two weeks, culminating in last Tuesday afternoons meeting between the two.

The meetings, reportedly brokered by a mutual friend described by Mr Miguna as a highly respected corporate titan, came in the wake of a string of scathing attacks directed at the PM.

I cannot speculate about the reason that made Raila look for me. He sent a highly respected corporate titan in this country who is a mutual friend to both of us, Mr Miguna told the Nation on Sunday.

The Prime Minister then called me, inviting me for a meeting in his office. I refused and told him I could only meet him in a neutral place. Let it be known that I met Raila at my terms, not his terms. Even though they suspended me, I have also left office at my terms, not theirs, he divulged.

However, Mr Omondi disagreed with Mr Migunas account.

He told the Nation that the PM had acted out of sympathy after Mr Miguna was rendered jobless on losing a court case challenging his suspension.

The PM wanted to offer Miguna a soft landing in the spirit of this festive season, given that he had lost his case in court and he was complaining that he had nothing to do, he said.

Withdraw cases
He added that Mr Miguna had also not stuck to his side of the bargain by not
withdrawing all the cases he lodged in court as agreed during the meeting with the PM.

Caroli was not at the meeting so he cannot purport to know what we talked about. I am his superior … so there is no way I can talk to the Prime Minister through him, Mr Miguna charged, maintaining that he had never even discussed the issue of withdrawing the pending court cases during his meeting with the PM. 




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