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Kenyan singing group to perform at home of Manchester United Club

In the midst of tall Eucalyptus trees comes mellow voices of young beautiful girls.They sing their hearts out as the melodies sooth the mind.

Meet Nairobi Girls Chorale whose repertoire includes African traditional tunes to Afro-American negro renditions.

They also sing arranged pop music to Kenya’s golden oldies – zilizopendwa — arrangement now taking the music scene by storm.

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For instance the girls rehearse pop arrangement of the classic ABBA 1979 track, Chiquititta, which they breath life into the song.


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The beautifully blended voices of the two soloists Sheena Kadu and Lindi Ingaitsa sing, "Chiquitita, tell me the truth I’m a shoulder you can cry on your best friend, I’m the one you must rely on…"

Chiquitita which roughly means ‘little girl’ in Spanish was the first single release from Swedish pop group’s album, Voulez Vous.

In the same breadth the youthful group sings Away in a Manger by Evans Ngadi.

When they sang this song last Christmas at the Annual Christmas Concert at the Lutheran Church, Nairobi, the audience was moved back reflecting thousands of years when Jesus was born in manger.

"This song is also dear to us because it reminds us just how far we have come," says the group’s founder Director David Isindu.

The choir was formed four years ago with girls drawn from Huruma Girls and selected Colleges in Nairobi.

Since its inception in 2008 the group has performed in many events in and outside the country.

Thrilling world stages

Notably is their performance in in Maputo Mozambique two years ago.

They had landed this invitation to perform at the All Africa Conference of Churches General Assembly held in December 2009.

So, powerful was their performance they landed yet another invite to perform at the Market Place Festivals in Tennessee USA .

But their themes of choice is not limited to mitigating inequality in society, love comes in handy in their zilizopendwa arrangement of John Nzenze’s Angelika.

Angelika is a jilted lover whose spouse cannot keep with her pace due to sheer misunderstanding.

She misses her lover for the evening parties where they would dance Twist all night long.

The song was popular in the in the 1960s during the Twist dance era.

Never shy from castigating the villains of society, the girls sing Wanadamu ni Waongo by Shari martin.

In the song, arranged by David Isindu, they talk of fake preachers who instead of leading the flock to greener pastures of spirituality, focus on world issues.

Achogo, is the choir’s delight for folk music.

Chosen from the Luo cultural style, Dodo, Achogo is a light celebration song that welcomes heroes and achievers in society.

Its graceful dance formation is a sight to behold.

Currently the Nairobi Girls Chorale is the last for the best 10 in the ongoing Kwaya compettiton with a cash reward of Sh1 million up for grabs.

In May this year the group will perform in Manchester. Plans are underway for them to perform at the legendary Old Trafford Stadium during halftime break.

The group is following in the footsteps of the Kenya Boys Choir that has recorded huge success on the international circuit.

Recording album

The group recording a new album in a bid to reach their fans who watch them live or on TV.

According to Mr Isindu, in order to give talented girls more opportunities to explore their singing talents, the group will conducting auditions tomorrow at the Lutheran Church along Uhuru Highway Nairobi.

For this outfit the sky is not the limit, but the limit is boundless for girls in a country where entertainment and the general creative economy is fast taking a leading command in job creation.



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