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In one of his writings Paul the apostle raised rhetoric. “If the trumpet be unclear, how can anyone prepare for battle?” Back then communication was archaic compared to our digital system, frequency modulation, global positioning system and all kinds of signal systems out there. In those days they used horns and trumpets. There was a particular note for worship gathering, a different one for town hall meetings, another for celebration and another for emergency for example war.

The fiddler had to know which note to hit in order to send a particular message. He/she had to be certain otherwise a whole nation is sent into confusion. Imagine sounding a festive note in time of war or to mistake a town hall meeting for a call to worship. That’s Paul’s question. If the trumpet or horn sends mixed messages how can anyone be prepared?

We are a new church in town. We believe God has called us to the city of Dallas according to his eternal purpose that we might be an additional outreach center. We believe that God always had a specific assignment for Victory Chapel way before any one of us got here. We also believe to have been called to this city not just to sound a trumpet but to hit a specific note. Our vision is to be Christ’s community of Faith, Hope and Love. In other words, God has called us by faith to be stewards of hope as we serve one another in love. Our message is Faith, our ministry is of Hope and our service is in Love.

As we reach out to the Diaspora community, our 3-part message is clear:

  1. One, God who is love is calling us unto himself. Our response to him is by faith. Without such faith it is impossible to please this God. He calls this response of faith the victory that overcomes.
  2. Our message is one of hope.  There is hope for each one of us. Hope in this life and beyond! You can be better; you can live better, you can do better! There is a better life than you think you know!
  3. Our message is of Love and in love. Whether rich or poor, single or married, educated and illiterate, in Africa or the US, everyone understands the language of love. We communicate this love of God in how we treat and handle each other.
  4. We invite you to experience  it this Sunday at Victory Chapel Dallas. Everyone is welcome.  Come as you are.  Victory Chapel is currently meeting at Double Tree Hotel in Richardson Tx from 11am to 12.30 pm. Our address is: 1981 North Central  Express way, Richardson Tx 75080.

By Pastor Samson Muniu, Victory Chapel Dallas.




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