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This is a very sad day for many who love Kenya. Not so much because any individual has been or has not been ensnared in Ocampo’s net, but because we have allowed the ICC and its manipulators to take our sovereignty and stack the political deck in favor of people who have already sold our homeland as a price for foreign support. If we make the strategic mistake of electing these people, Kenya will become effectively a puppet state managed largely from outside the country and not for the benefit of Kenyans. 
The only way out is a united front, cutting across any ethnic, regional, or other groupings, with the sole objective of regaining some of Kenya’s right to determine her destiny. For this purpose, the standard bearer, the candidate for President, is somewhat irrelevant. The important thing will be to give this person the largest possible support across the country so that there is absolutely no doubt as to where the average Kenyan stands when the sovereignty of the country is in peril. Kenyans must take the destiny of the country back and away from Ocampo and his cartel. For those who play chess, Ocampo has made his move, now it is our turn to checkmate him. Our move must neutralize Ocampo’s King by effectively ending the political careers of some of us for complicity in his scheme. 
This means that we must decide on the standard bearer as quickly as possible. The longer we take to come to this decision, the longer that Parties jockey for positions and individuals make claims and counter claims or withhold their support hoping to be kingmakers after the elections, the greater the chances that Ocampo and his cartel will carry the day on election day. If the looming risk to our remaining sovereignty requires coalitions of Parties to form a united front, then please Kenyans let the bargaining begin and end quickly. If this means people dropping out of the race because they cannot hope to win, then the process of determining the electable candidate should begin now.    As we do this, we should be aware of, and quickly expose, stalking horses – candidates who pretend to oppose Ocampo’s camp mainly to divide and weaken us. The rules of coalition formation must preclude options for carpetbaggers to change sides at later stages because what is at stake is not an election outcome, but the strategic direction of the country perhaps for the next 30 or 40 years. A moment like this is truly rare. Let us tell Ocampo and his cartel that Kenya is ours. It is our land. Let’s move quickly and resolutely. We only have a few months. 
Dr.Githua Kariuki



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