IEBC wants coalition government dissolved


The Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission IEBC wants the coalition government dissolved by October to allow adequate preparations for a December election.

The Commission’s Chairman Isaack Hassan says he will write to the two Principals by Friday seeking their intervention on the matter.

He says this will put to rest uncertainty and debate surrounding the election date.

The ruling by the three judge bench led by Justice Isaac Lenaola concerning the controversy surrounding the election date did not halt debate on the election date issue.

The high court ruled that elections can only be held next year after the current Parliament completes its term or earlier if the coalition government collapses or is dissolved by the two in writing.

Although the Prime Minister Raila Odinga has hinted that the election may be held this year, the President has remained tight lipped over the issue that is increasingly eliciting public interest.

Hassan says the Commission needs time to prepare for the elections, and he is advising the two Principals to dissolve the coalition government in October to allow for adequate preparation.

He further said that political parties and all aspirants require sufficient time to campaign.

He spoke after handing over the controversial Revised Preliminary report on delimitation of boundaries to the Parliamentary Committee on Justice and Legal affairs.

The report will be debated once parliament resumes its sittings scheduled for next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the IEBC has assured the public that it has addressed contentious issues identified in the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission report.

Speaking while handing over the revised report to the parliamentary Committee on justice and legal Affairs, IEBC chairman Isaack Hassan said Thursday that their recommendations have captured views of the public concerning the 80 additional constituencies, wards and County boundaries.

However, Hassan said that the commission ignored selfish interests by communities which proposed that the boundaries review be based on historical, economic and cultural ties.

He urged the public to clearly understand that the drawing of new boundaries for constituencies and Wards boundaries is only for election purposes and not shifting people from their locations.






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