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Three Maasai morans injured,one lion killed

Three villagers are admitted in hospital after a confrontation with lions in an attack that left one of the cats killed in Loitoktok area.

The three Maasai morans had mobilised themselves to pursue a pride of lions that had killed a cow on Thursday at 7pm in the Elangata Ngima area of Kuku Group Ranch in Loitokitok.

Kenya Wildlife Service said the three were seriously injured while pursuing the pride of lions. Tension remained high in the area as villagers  vowed to pursue the beasts and retaliate.

Incidents of conflict between wildlife and human have been on the rise as more animals stray from their parks to search for food.

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Recently, six lions were killed by angry villager in retaliation after they mauled 28 sheep and goats killed in Kitengela area near Nairobi National Park.

The lions had strayed out of the park to the nearby homesteads, which led to the confrontation. No arrest has been made so far but investigations are ongoing, authorities say.

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One of the six lions that was killed recently in Kitengela after they mauled sheep.

A statement added a lion which had strayed from the same conservancy and which has been roaming in Baringo County is still being monitored by KWS team of rangers.

It is currently at Loruk area near Lake Baringo.

‘We call upon members of the public to desist from killing wild animals and instead report to KWS as wild animals can be very dangerous.”

According to KWS, at least 18 people have been killed by wildlife in the last six months.

Some 65 people suffered injuries while 598 incidents of crop damage, 496 incidents of humans threatened by wildlife, 176 wild animal attacks on livestock and 18 reports of property destruction had been recorded.

KWS only compensates for human injuries and deaths at a rate of Sh50, 000 and Sh200, 000 respectively.

The Wildlife Bill proposes the rates for consolation of death to be revised further up to Sh1 million. Compensation of property is also set to be incorporated in the Bill.

KWS has been accused by locals of failing to take urgent action when called upon when wild animals stray to their farms.

According to KWS Tanta Taveta, Narok, Laikipia, Kajiado and Samburu are the hotspots for human wildlife conflicts

A statement from KWS said in Laikipia Nature Conservancy, a suspected poacher was killed during a gunfight and an AK 47 rifle recovered on Thursday.

The rangers were reportedly responding to gunshots within the ranch when they encountered two suspected poachers.

The rangers are looking for an elephant which was injured by the suspected poachers.






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