Miguna Miguna kept his word,he is back in Kenya


A defiant former adviser of Prime Minister Raila Odinga Mr Miguna Miguna returned from his holiday in Canada and immediately dismissed allegations that he had fled to the North American country after authoring a book criticising the PM.

Almost a month after leaving in a hush Mr Miguna also spoke against the burning of his effigy and the burial of a mock coffin in his rural home saying the “chilling” acts smacked of “barbarism.”

He said the acts of the people of Nyando showed that there was increasing intolerance and emerging dictatorial tendencies that went against the new constitution.


A day after he mysteriously flew to Canada, residents of Nyando Constituency—Mr Miguna’s rural home— led by the area MP Fred Outa took to the streets and burnt the effigy and conducted the funeral saying the former staunch supporter of Raila was no longer welcome in his rural home.

The author of the book that attracted huge attention for disproving Mr Odinga’s reform credentials did not hold back his fervent reproach as captured in his book saying “those loudly shouting about their tainted reform credentials have neither censured nor condemned these acts of hooliganism and lawlessness.”

Without mentioning any name he went on: “these fake and hypocritical reformists use empty rhetoric to woo votes but do not care about the true taste of our country. They drink wine but preach water. ”

Mr Miguna addressed the press at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport few minutes after 10pm saying he was not intimidated by those felt aggrieved by his controversial book Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest For Justice in Kenya.

The former adviser turned critic of the PM said those saying he had run away were only spreading cheap propaganda.

“That is pure propaganda. I did not run away,” Mr Miguna said. He also added that he was now focusing on fighting various prominent ills including unemployment, corruption and poverty.





When he came back he said he only feared for his security but not his life.

He was also excited about the effects of his book saying it had precipitated “tectonic shifts and volcanic eruptions” and now many Kenyans were asking him the way forward after the revelations interpreted by political commentators as might a considerable impact on the presidential candidature of Mr Odinga.

“It is my wish that we focus our attention as a people and a country on the illusive but yet incomplete liberation struggle for our country, liberation from totalitarianism, intolerance, exploitation, inequalities, corruption, tribalism and nepotism”

Mr Miguna silently flew out of the country for Canada on July 16 raising speculation as to what had forced him to rush back to the same country he had lived in while in exile before coming back shortly after the Narc government took office.

Director of Public Prosecutions KeriakoTobiko had asked police to interview Mr Miguna on claims he made about having evidence about the 2008 post-election violence.

However, a day after Mr Miguna revealed on his facebook wall that he had gone on holiday with his family and would be returning in a month’s time.








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