Video:Former President Moi celebrates 88th birthday in style



Monday, 03/09/2012 – Over the weekend retired President Moi celebrated his 88thbirthday with Song and dance . Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi was the 2nd president of Kenya. Mount Kenya University decided to give Mr. Moi a grand treat.


The institution with its headquarter in Thika organised a birthday party for the former leader at Kabarak University on Saturday. They ensured that food and drinks were in plenty.


Moi arrived at the ceremony with his children and grand children. Simon Gicharu who is the University’s Chairman applauded Moi for making sure that children were provided with education and several basic needs (like milk) during his tenure.


Moi took the opportunity to give his two cents on the police reforms. Moi claimed that they should be delayed as the hurry for reforms could lead to unpreparedness before the elections.


He said, “Changing the setup of the police now is not appropriate since the current formation as it is today understands the Kenyan security situation and knows the areas prone to violent flare-ups, I am sounding a very serious warning and I hope the government takes it equally seriously because Kenyans including me in my retirement need peace.”


Moi enjoyed the traditional dancers and the entertainment provided. As the ceremony ended MKU ensured they treated everyone to a piece of cake.


Source:The Kenyan DAILY POST

 NTV Livestream

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