Funny:Masai Man stops bus just to beg for a MATCHBOX


Monday 1st October 2012- A Masai man on Saturday shocked passengers of a bus that was headed to Nairobi from Kisii along the Narok-Nairobi road when he stopped the bus to ask if anyone would lend him a matchbox.

The man who was taking care of his cows just close to the road stopped the bus that had a total of 50 passengers. The conductor, thinking that he was a potential customer instructed the bus driver to stop the bus to let the herder in.


 The herder without even asking where the bus was headed stormed in almost hitting the conductor with his herding stick which was well belted on his waist.


 What surprised or brought laughter however was when the Masai man started to ask for a match box from anyone who had it.


‘’Mimi naomba kusaidiwa na Kiberiti ili niwashe msokoto wangu niendelee kuvuta nikichunga ng’ombe zangu nani atansaidia mimi?’ I am asking for a matchbox to light up my weed so that I continue smoking as l look after my cows, anyone with a matchbox to lend me?’’


Everybody in the bus broke out to a rib cracking laughter including the driver who was forced to pull over. When he was asked if that was the only reason he stopped the bus, the herder said yes.


The conductor threw him out of the bus leaving him disgruntled as the bus moved on.


Source:The Kenyan DAILY POST



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