Most MPs may not be voted back to Parliament – Poll


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Thursday, the 4th of October 2012 – A new poll by American pollster Gallup Research says that less than half of Kenya’s eligible voters are happy with the current crop of leaders. According to the poll by the Washington based pollster, only 39 % of those Kenyans who will most likely vote in the March 2013 poll have a favourable opinion of the country’s leaders.

This is a worrying statistic because it means that it is possible that  many of the MP’s currently in parliament will not get another chance to serve in an elective post come the 2013 election. Another thing that should worry the leaders is the fact that about 34% of Kenyans don’t see their standard of living improving. A statement released by Gallup says both measures are considerably lower to what they were prior to the last election;

“Both measures are lower than they were a few months before Kenya’s last presidential elections in 2007.”

“In fact less than a majority who view their living standards as getting better also approve of the country’s leadership. Such findings suggest that factors beyond economics are influencing  Kenya’s perceptions about the national leadership—particularly as Kenya’s economy has gradually stabilized in recent months,” read the statement in part.

The statement added;

“Kenya’s attitude reflects the major changes they have lived through in the past five years: Kenyans have elected a president dealt with the serious violence that followed that election and coped with its effects on their economy.”

Gallup also announced that it will releasing its latest survey titled “Kenya Votes 2013: Attitudes Towards the Election, Judicial System and Security” on Friday.

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