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World Cataclysm in Mid November 2012.Really??

The world is soon to experience destruction forces within a space of about a fortnight commencing from November 18th 2012. This is not of the line of the Mayan estimations, nor in any wise related, but is from the pure word of the scriptures, that is the bible. Unfortunately, our religious folk who ought to watch and know and inform us are all in great slumber. Yet these words are written in black and white, and the signs supposed to precede this destruction likewise easy to analyze.

How and who indeed shall warn the world of what is before us? For an evil consummation is determined upon the world for our evil and iniquities, and for our chosen estrangement from the Lord God, who created all and owns all, including our small planet and everyone on it. But we witness even this day how we no longer even remember God, have sidelined Him and opted for the idols of technology, evolution, wealth, gold and all other abominations, including the entire array of demons. For such and all other, the world is ailing and our loving Father soon commences the surgery of evil from the world. This is what commences at the appointed time as above related, and the world will be greatly moved and troubled. People need to know this, yet they all refuse to believe. The consummation therefore catches them all in an evil net, for none can deliver from the righteous anger of the Lord of hosts.

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Seek God and know Him intimately, peradventure we should find grace to be spared this initial onslaught, and hence have a chance also thereafter to learn to discern truth from the multitudes of lies now choking the world of its very life.

Below is a summary of the prophetic derivation of this appointed time, as well as a mention of the various signs that were to precede this time, which all have almost been witnessed, but foolish man discerns not the head from the tail. Be free to share with any and all who would care to know these issues.

May the Lord grant you peace,

John Kinyanju

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The scriptures are crystal clear in regard to knowing the times and seasons of the earth. The Lord imparted
the knowledge of the future through His prophets and this did not come about by the will of man. The
exhortation not no despise the word of prophecy is likewise stressed. For true prophecy is indeed the
illustration and evidence of the power of God and His unfailing control over all of creation. Prophecy is the
object through which the Lord increases our faith, for it is a sign to the believers. To know the scriptural
prophesies and their meaning therefore is the duty of all believers. Since most of the word of God is given in
parables, including the prophecies, the understanding of the parables and allegories is the key to knowing
what the prophecies imply. This however is a wide field and would take many volumes to expound. The
following discourse is limited to one aspect of this wide field, namely the time related prophecies that point
to the day of the Lord, this being imperative to our knowledge now more than ever before, for that day is
nigh at the door.
How the Lord comes in the clouds of the heavens is the first aspect that should be understood in regard to
the day of the Lord. The clouds are the dust of His feet, and His feet are the physical aspect by which the Lord
treads down upon His enemies. The earth being His footstool is the planet that was consecrated to this
terrible but expedient experience of the universe. Coming in the clouds of heaven refers therefore to the
Lord sending judgment upon the earth, which as can be discerned from both prophecy and history has
occurred in diverse times and places upon the earth. These timely interventions of the Lord do not however
preclude the final day of the Lord and all that it entails, including the final desolation of the wicked from off
the face of the earth and the deliverance of the godly. The day of the Lord as described is one of woe and
terrible disasters. Not even Noah, Daniel and Job would by their righteousness and pleading persuade God to
spare any other but their own souls. When the sword of the Lord is drawn out of his sheath and goes out
against all flesh, both the righteous and the wicked are indicted. The day of the Lord must therefore be
understood by all believers for what it shall bring. It is rightly called the time of Jacobs trouble, for each one
of us shall have to contend both with man and our Creator. What we all have to recall clearly is that we can
only contend with God on His own terms, which is by humility and repentance. When a righteous person
however is slain by the hand of the Lord, what is that to the Lord, but just another trial of faith of the victim?
Is the Lord not also the resurrection and the life? In the soon coming judgments upon he earth, many of the
righteous will undergo this terrible trial, but all who overcome as the Lord overcame, that is through dying
and resurrecting, by remaining steadfast in faith as did Job, and even glorifying God at the hour of destitute
trouble and death, all have their reward reserved with the same Lord Almighty. Children for instance who
know not right or wrong at the times of these terrible times may be spared the pain of living by the Lord, who
holds the key of death and the resurrection. These are hard times for the universe, especially so for the Lord
Himself who loves us so much that He gave his life for our salvation. Seclusion of the righteous from the hour
of trouble, and their safety is totally in the hands of God, and as to who and why some of us will be tried even
unto the death, while others are preserved alive, these are in the sole discretion of the Lord, and who are we
to question Wisdom? All believers must be prepared for one eventuality or the other or as the Lord convicts
each one of us. Death is not to be feared unless our faith is reprobate. The same is required of the righteous
as well as the wicked, which is to justify the Lord regardless of our predispositions and relent from all evil.
In determining the times about which the grievous judgments associated with the day of the Lord commence,
the spirit of God in bid to eliminate all opportunity for doubt and unbelief has multiplied the signs that point
to this period. It is indeed a marvel of incongruity that these signs are not recounted for what they really are.
For other than the signs in the scriptural narrations, there are signs indicated in the heavens in great
multiplicity, and the inability to discern these signs only reflects at the extremes of ignorance to which we
have fallen. But the Holy Sprit however has not left us without reminders. Bits of prophetic speculation have
time and again yielded results, although in limitation but sufficient to spur us further to quest for this truth.
The Lord moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform, and the horse is reserved for the day of battle. In
wisdom, the Lord only reveals the relevant aspects of prophecy for when they should have optimum impact,
which is just prior to the prophesied events. The bible has different prophetic timelines that advertently point
to our present and immediate future.
• Forty two months in Revelation or three and a half seasons in Daniel equivalent in prophetic analogy to 1260
years- both refer to when the Gentiles are to tread down-foot the spiritual Jerusalem, accounted for from the
year that Pepin ascended the throne in AD 752. Why Pepin? In the supremacy wars of between the secular and
religious fronts that prevailed in Europe, the crowning and aiding of Pepin to depose his predecessor Childeric
III, by the Papacy was the defining moment for when the Papacy was perceived to assume temporal power. The
forty two months of years the papacy’s temporal power indicated from this date culminates in AD 2012, upon
which the times of the Gentiles will come to a close, and the Lord will arise to commence his judgments upon
the earth, and to restore the original truths as in the Law and the prophets.
• Two witnesses timeline, being ascribed the durations of 1260 years and three and a half years, is often and
wrongly presumed to be analogous with the period for which the gentiles were to tread down spiritual
Jerusalem. The two witnesses were given power to prophesy in sackcloth and to smite the earth as often as
they would with calamities. These two witnesses are the word of God aka the Law and the Prophets, by which
the earth is judged. Association of natural calamities with the judgments of God as plea for the world to repent
of its waywardness had been widely accepted until the modern age. The connection of the ministry of the two
witnesses as the chief cause and reason for disasters, as ascribed in the law and the prophets, must therefore
be the distinguishing link of the times associated. The worlds fight against this belief, that disasters are caused
by the wrath of God as judgments to those who have forsaken the words of the law from heeding them, and as
is prophesied by the word of God, is recognizable as the relentless war fought against the two witnesses and
their eventual killing. The first beacon of this period of 1260 years is recognized in the earthquake of 17th
January 749 AD that decimated the region we now call the Middle East. The earthquake is reported to have
destroyed over 600 hundred villages and towns and resulted in deaths in the thousands. The duration of 1260
years from then corresponds to 17th January 2009. It was after they were to complete their ministry that the
beast that arises from the bottomless pit was to finally kill them, after having conducted a relentless war
against them. The beast that ascends from the bottomless pit is distinguished as the kingdom of the world
whose origin is a deep mystery and likewise of chaos. The kingdom that fulfils this description, being tied to all
the kingdoms of the earth, is the United Nations under its puppeteers, who in turn are its kings behind the
scenes. The kingdoms of the world have waged a relentless war against the word of God as evidenced in their
adopted philosophies such as the evolutionary sciences and occultism. The reconditioning of the world against
regarding disasters as judgments of God and, disputing of the accuracy in which these are spelt out in the Law
and the prophets is the identifying aspect of this prophecy. Formed in 1999, the UNISDR however took ten
years to release its first report of its studies and recommendations, which it inaugurated on 19th May 2009.
Why they could only release their report after the period of the ministry of the two witnesses in sackcloth was
expired, and that, by four months, is yet another distinguishing key of this prophecy. The bodies involved in this
blasphemous report being of international relation being yet another. The report, among other of its
recommendations indicated that the poor are more likely to suffer from disasters and their effects than the
rich. This infers how that by power and might man is enabled to mitigate disasters and their effects. Nothing is
farther from the truth, and that, sadly is soon to be proven in the sight of all men. It is solely by godly living,
acknowledgement of God in our lives, repenting and relenting the evil way, that disasters and their effects can
be mitigated or annulled. The date of the release of this report marked the global killing of the word of God and
His power over the lives of men. The period of death of the two witnesses, of three and a half days of years is
accounted from the time the UNISDR inaugural report was released. The end of this period, at when the spirit
of God enters the two witnesses and their vindication, when they are called up to heaven in the sight of all men
is to befall around 16th November 2012. During the period when the dead bodies of the two witnesses remain n
the sight of all is reminiscent of a period of gloss spiritual darkness when the word of God has remained
obscured. The May 2011 Arnold Camping failed prediction that was purportedly scriptural was such a
manifestation of the ‘dead’ applications of the law and the testimony among a host of numerous others. That
men sent gifts to one another when such prophecies failed is still fresh in our reckoning.
• The 2300 years prophecy of Daniel unmistakably points to the final years of Alexander’s four generals who
inherited his empire. The history of this period illustrates Ptolemy II Philadelphus as the little horn in the
prophecy. The last days of Alexander’s generals was until 281BC when Lysimachus died being the last of the
four. Philadelphus was the grandson of Lagus who had died in 283BC. Philadelphus assumed the throne
however in BC 285, and it was during his reign that the initial attributes of the prophecy were specifically
fulfilled. He built the Manara, a great building that rose (400) four hundred feet high on the Island of
Samothrace off the North Aegean and could be seen off twenty miles from the sea. It was the symbol of the
might of the Ptolemys and merits as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Manara was the
sanctuary of the gods of Samothrace, gods of the under world. It Philadelphus who instituted the spread of
Grecian knowledge to the rest of the world, which knowledge in its basic has perpetually been in opposition of
the Lord God and His ways. His ascension to the throne is the beacon from the ways of evil presumed
ascendancy over good. The Roman Empire only furthered what Philadelphus had initiated. The Papacy’s time
frame was as above mentioned ascribed its own timeline. Accounting therefore 2300 years from the ascension
to the throne by Philadelphus, the time when the sanctuary should be cleansed is in about AD 2015.
• The seven seasons of Nebuchadnezzar for which the stump was to remain bound in fetters, which refer to the
kingdom of neo Babylon, after which its king and the entire world at large were to recognize the supremacy of
God can as well be shown to indicate the year 2012. This however entails a lengthy description of the times as
they actually happened, as some of the available history in the past was altered by the little horn whose intent
was to conceal the truth about the times. The time when Nebuchadnezzar became king of Babylon was in 509
BC from a bible prophecy and history timeline. Seven seasons of years is analogous to 2520 years, and brings us
again to AD 2012. The king here is the allegory of the world, which since the ascent of Nebuchadnezzar of
Babylon has been left in the control of proud and evil generations of rulers. The period however after 2012, the
times for these rulers will be up, and the kingdom will revert back to God and to His faithful generations.
• One hundred and twenty Jubilees period is recounted in Genesis as the period for which the Lord set aside to
strive with man. For the Lord mentioned that His spirit would not contend with man forever but that the days
for such contention was limited to 120 years, which in retrospect is the years of Jubilees. The hundred and
twenty Jubilee cycles amount to 6000 years. From the generations of the bible is deduced that from creation to
the anointing of the Messiah by the Holy Spirit just after the baptism of water by John, the period in total was
4081 years. Just when the Lord was upon the earth has also been concealed through evil council. This period
however is revealed in prophecy to have been between 14BC and 19AD. The prophecy of the 70 weeks of years
in Daniel that tied together the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70, the Messiah, and the rebuilding of the temple
is the key to enlightening this period, albeit not the only one. Sixty two weeks of years, 434 years was the
period from the commandment to rebuilt Jerusalem. One week was to be of the Messiah, I whose midst He
was to be cut off. Afterwards was a further seven weeks of years, 49 years to the sealing up of the prophecy
which indicated the destruction of Jerusalem. Counting backward from the event of AD 70 for which the
evidence has not been interfered with, we find that the Lord was anointed about the year AD 16. This period
also was the end of 4081 years from creation of Adam and Eve, but just about 4000 years from when humanity
fell to the deception of evil. The six thousand years will end in AD 2016, after which the spirit of the Lord will
not any longer contend with man, but evil will have been destroyed and the remnant of humanity will all be
with the Lord God.
• A thousand years is like one day and one day is like a thousand years to the Lord also refer to the same time
line as above expounded. The week of creation, as well as the weekly cycle is the prophecy of 6000 years of
human labours, followed by 1000 year of rest, which is the millennial sabbath.
• One year, one month, one day and one hour prophecy for the time from when the destructive forces of war are
prepared upon the earth to when these are let to destroy the earth. A prophetic year as in the Jubilee years is
accounted to be the period of one Jubilee cycle. This period therefore in actual time is 54 years, 3 months, 22
days and 2 hours from a particular event of global war preparedness. The event was the detonation of the 57
megaton thermonuclear device by the USSR in the Novaya Zemlya region on October 31st 1961 at 8.33 GMT.
This is the largest ever device to be detonated in the atmosphere and was so calculated to illustrate the
capability and preparedness to war of the USSR. The various aspects of this detonation qualify it as the period
of reference of this prophecy. As such, 19th February 2016 at about 10.33 GMT is when the final desolation of
earth by nuclear arms will commence. This is possibly because this evil generation will still cling to power and
refuse to repent of their evil, in spite of the heavy judgments the world will have gone through. Shortly
thereafter the Lord shall intervene in the final redemption and resurrection of the righteous.
• The Great Pyramid is actually a monument of time, that when decoded in the Reed measure illustrates diverse
time aspects and scale, and also prophecy. The height of the pyramid is for instance 40.81 reeds, which is the
centuries from Creation of Adam ad Eve to when the Messiah was anointed. The edge height is 60.87, again
discernable as the approximate time from creation to when the earth reverts back to the Lord and His servants.
In the holy cubit, this edge is 365.25, which refers to the days in a solar year and in reeds as a prophecy for the
earth. Other measures of the base perimeter of the pyramid reveal the Platonic cycle to be 25500 years. The
various aspects of the base, as in the base accounted from the peripheral corner stones (25.920 reeds), or that
of the foundation corner stones (25.300 reeds), in combination reveal the dynamics of the earths precision. In
establishing this dynamism in comparison to the present rate, the past can be dated in succinct detail. The
alignment of the descending passage and other star shafts illustrate the astronomical calculable past. These
both illustrate BC 4065 to have been the period of creation of Adam an Eve, and from that the rest of history
that appertains to salvation is deductible. Unfortunately, these parameters, although certainly known in the
past, are in the present totally forgotten and their implications ignored.
• Platonic year and the Mayan calendar, which both have been indicated to be coming to a completion of their
cycle in the winter solstice of AD 2012, are also a time line however that is based on the heathen accounting.
Whereas it is incorrect to consult heathen sources in regard to the word of God, overhearing what they say, as
Gideon overheard from the Median camp, serves to confirm the express word of the Lord. In our case however,
the heathen off by several weeks, as certainly they should be caught unawares. There are numerous other
heathen references, such as prognostications, of which we often over hear and come across on the internet,
but of which we should not wonder or seek after. Likewise we should not be astonished at the signs of the
heavens, for indeed we should know what these signs are all about, being children of the Most High.
Most biblical prophetic timelines have in the past been applied indicating one period or the other. These have also
formed doctrines of various denominations. An austere and objective evaluation of these doctrines will however show
that these prophecies did not point to any other past period. Those in the past who expounded on these prophecies
before the time for their unsealing were however left to understand them s they did. It is for our generation, like the
nautilus, to realize that the chamber in which we have so far resided is insufficient for our growth and must build and
move to the next, else we perish. Spiritual growth requires dispensing with some of the doctrines we once supposed
sufficient and the adoption or development of new ones in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Every scribe of the kingdom
of God brings out of his treasures things both new and old. Also in order to dispense with all vagueness concerning the
day of the Lord, there are enumerated many other signs associated with this period. Some of these signs, their meaning
and occurrence are as enumerated following.
• There will be signs in the sun, moon and the stars. The signs in the sun, the moon and the stars are various and
multiplied. These sigs have however been through out the various ages since times immemorial. In fact, the
people of ancient times knew how to read these signs so well, that they then mistook the object of the sign,
either the sun or the moon to be a deity. The eclipse phenomenon in history was perceived to be an omen of
sorts. King Henry’s eclipse of 1133 AD that occurred in the sixth hour on the second day from when the king
had left England, and was followed by an immense earthquake on the sixth day of the same week after which
the king also died within the same year is one example. Likewise, although Mohammed taught that eclipses
should only be regarded as natural manifestations of Allah’s greatness, and not as omens for good or evil, yet
the annular eclipse of AD 632 had more to do with warnings of judgments than has ever been revealed.
However, the death of his little son Ibrahim coincided with the said eclipse and the region experienced a great
earthquake the same year, and eventually culminated in with the death of Mohammed in the same year. In
modern times, eclipses are scientifically portrayed to have nothing to do with omens of judgment from God
and that in the past they were so beheld as mere associations of phenomenon with disasters arbitrarily. But
such a study has not been objectively done.
• The sun will be darkened and the moon will not give her light. This is one of the oft repeated idioms in regard
to the signs in the sun and the moon. The parable however has two distinct references, the physical as well as
the spiritual. On the physical plane, this refers to the eclipse phenomenon but I the order of a solar eclipse
preceding a lunar but with a separation of a short duration. The Creator of the Universe certainly is well versed
with the science of the motion of the heavenly bodies. The lights in the heavens were also created to be for
signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years. True astrology is of this basis. This sign therefore was to occur
only just before the time of the end. The 20th May 2012 annular eclipse followed by the 4th June lunar eclipse
were separated by a space of 14 days. The lunar eclipse was followed by the transit of Venus on the 5th and 6th
of the same month. I suppose we may search back in history by hardly will these three events confluence for
many years. Just the solar eclipse preceding the lunar is a rarity. An annular eclipse observed over an entire day
from morning to evening is another rarity. The transit of Venus caps rarity of the sign. Each of these signs also
separately in the past were followed by disasters and plagues. The recent previous transit of Venus in June
2004 was followed by the Indian Ocean Boxing day tsunami. The other previous transit had been in 1882 and
had been closely followed by the eruption of various volcanoes and the explosion of Krakatoa off the coast of
Indonesia, the greatest explosion ever in recent volcanic activities. The annular eclipse is the sign of the fire
flaming from the mouth of the two witnesses to burn all who fight against the word of God. The case of
Muhammad was one such sign. Others in history have so been seen a few months prior to the desolation of
civilizations which have foolishly subverted the word of God. Yet the two witnesses did not have to wait the
opportune of eclipses for signs, but other signs from the sun were seen and latter on the punishments effected
as often as there was rebellion and as the Lord willed.
• The word of the Lord is known to be sharper than a two edged sword. The two edged sword from the mouth of
the Lord in prophecy is thus. It has the physical application, and the spiritual. The spiritual application of the
darkening of the sun applies to the darkening of counsel and knowledge of earth. Indeed in this day, we are
undergoing a spiritual famine as prophesied in Amos. The rejection of the word of God by modern man, and
the adoption of the evil sciences and paths of knowledge is as the sun being darkened. The moon is allegory of
the church that ought to shine in the dark and by reflection of the truth. The church will not give her light when
the truth is darkened. How much these issues are true in our current time we all are aware. The darkening of
the truth began several ages past but has excelled in recent times. All worldly branches of learning that fear not
the Lord as their basis for wisdom are all in total the inference of darkened counsel. The product of this school
is the moon which cannot give her light because it received none to reflect. This sign is likewise fulfilled. Man at
present is not even able to read the physical signs that warn of the coming destruction.
• Sun became as sackcloth of hair and the moon became as blood and the stars of the heaven fell to the earth. In
the context of Revelation 6, the sun becomes as sackcloth after a great earthquake. The sackcloth refers to the
preaching of repentance occasioned by destruction and bloodshed. The falling of the stars of heaven refers to
the subversion of truth to suit the ego of men. An earthquake refers to war. In the context of the seven seals,
this earthquake was the Second World War, during which and after the pillars of truth have been destroyed,
yet amid the wake of bloodshed repentance has been continuously proclaimed. On the physical aspects, such
signs as dark days, eclipses, meteor showers have been observed but their relation to prophecy often not
connected. There are various contextual references about the signs of the sun, moon and the stars in the
scriptures therefore and not all point to the same period.
• ‘Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her
light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken’ These words of the
Lord in response to the when the end shall be are the answer to our period. The tribulation spoken of here is
the 1260 years long tribulation. (of those days signifying many years) The end of this tribulation is to be both
understandable from Daniel, and the Revelation, and will likewise be marked by the signs. The period ends in
mid November according to the calculations. On the 13th November will be a total eclipse of the sun. On the
night of 17th November 2012 will be meteor showers (mainly the Leonids but with various others) and on the
28th November a lunar eclipse. Such a combination again after the first earlier in the same year is certainly
rare. The same hour, which is 15 days around which the two witnesses are called up to heaven there was a
great earth quake upon the earth that destroy the tenth part of the city, and of men in judgment. Combining
the message of both prophesies reveal what is to be expected in this time. The physical signs are all in place.
The shaking of the powers of heaven physically is denoted in the solar storms and massive flares with gigantic
coronal mass ejections directed to both earth and the solar system. The earthquake this time round, in
combination with all the other signs is revealing of terrible shaking of the earth by all the forces of destruction,
both natural and war. On the spiritual aspect, the
• The powers of the heaven shall be shaken, pillars of smoke and further signs of the stars. In recent times,
scientists have observed the sun with thorough keenness than ever before. The activity of the sun and its cycles
has been hinted to directly affect the earth, both natural and the activities of man. Sun spots, solar flares and
coronal mass ejections are all found to be related to one another, and likewise to the Aurora Borealis upon
earth. The Aurora being seen at the poles is common, but not so when the phenomenon increases its coverage
to other extremes. In this connection, the historical Aurora sighting in places distant from the poles has been
known to immediately affect the electronics, and afterwards associated with periods of disaster upon the
earth. The historiometry of Soviet scientist Alexander Chizhevsky illustrated a link of the solar cycles in history
to earth’s climate, plagues and mass activity of people. Indeed he was close to the truth, for there is a
correlation of the signs in the sun and what thereafter occurs upon the earth. There are various disasters and
epidemics which follow all heightened solar activity periods with a super event sealing the analogy. The 1918
super event that followed the global Aurora sighting of the same year was the Spanish flu pandemic that
destroyed about 50million people, five times more than those who had perished in the war. The Carrington
event of 1859 September was followed by several natural destructive phenomenon, as in the late October that
year of massive sea storms that resulted in a loss of more than 200 ocean going vessels. There was also the flu
that claimed over half a million lives. Charles Darwin likewise in November published the ‘origin of species’ the
chief basis upon which the modern mind of ‘no God’ is found, which illustrates the reason as to why these signs
of judgment were being given. The period of the Second World War again a period of great bloodshed, was
interspersed by various Aurora manifestations, some of which even occasioned the fire brigades to be alerted
of non-existent fires. Indeed the Aurora is one of the pillars of smoke signs, another being the nuclear
detonations. In the more recent times, there is certain correlation of solar flares and what follows on earth.
For instance, the x20s flares of the 1979 and early 1980s could be shown to have been followed by the
HIV/AIDS epidemic, and the numerous destruction in its wake over the years. The biggest flare recorded in
2003 certainly was a precursor of sorts, for since then destruction by calamities has intensified. Implications of
the Middle East war that started at this time are to continue till the end. There is a certain trend that follows all
significant solar activities. Those with CMEs directed to the earth have results after duration of about 175 days
in increased volcanic and earthquake phenomenon on the earth. Those not directed at the earth have similar
results but a few weeks earlier. The tsunami of 2004 for instance had been preceded by two X-series July 16/17
2004 flares. The May 9th 2012 series of solar flares released from sunspot AR 1476 after the same duration of
about 175 days by several moderate earthquake swarms especially noted in California but also occurred in the
rest of the world. The 6 November 2010 5.4M class flare after a similar period was followed by the Indian ocean
earthquakes of 11th April 2012 of magnitude 8.6, whose propensity and relations is said to have resulted in
worldwide increase in earthquakes after a pattern not before realized. Deciphering the implications of the sun
activities and the signs of the moon and stars is a scientific key to correctly predict the events to follow upon
the earth. Worth of note is that the meteor showers phenomenon of modern time became evidenced as from
the May 1833 event. Another event of significance was in 1838, in which William Millar published his
dissertation of the prophecies of the end times based on the knowledge of those times, and the was also a
notable meteor shower the same year. From the year 1838 to 2012 is a period of 175 years, which is analogous
to the 175 days from between the signs in the sun, pillars of smoke, eclipses and the realization of the super
event upon earth. The 175 years in Jubilee terms also is three and a half cycles.
In the year 2012, all the potent signs of the heavens have been realized in forecasting desolation upon earth. The ring
of fire eclipse in May, the transit of Venus, and numerous sunspots, the continuing shaking of the powers of the
heavens, mild earthquakes in increased occurrence in diverse places, Aurora (pillars of smoke) in non polar regions and
the shaking of the powers of the heavens. Whatever the super event that seals these portents will be will be massive,
disastrous and severe. It may be anything from earthquakes, tsunamis, war, or even pandemics such as the killer flues
of the past. Surely the churning of milk bringeth forth butter, and the wringing of the nose bringeth forth blood: so the
forcing of wrath bringeth forth strife. He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the
LORD shall be made fat. The world has forced the wrath of God upon us by their pride and rejection of the precepts and
ways of God. The Lord’s wrath is justified and is terrible. Its most probable that the coming desolation will be by all the
factors of judgement, the sword, famine, disasters and plague. Indeed its a fearful time, and may the Lord have mercy
on the work of His hands.
On the spiritual front, we all know how gross the darkness is and the spiritual draught. The powers of the earth are also
shaken from their foundation. All pillars of truth are felled to the earth, such as in the liberties being now castigated
under guise of anti-terror laws. Democracy is the greatest farce of them all, for all it has now achieved is to pit the
leaders against one another but with no advantage to the electorate. Government by the people and for the people
ideal is certainly not realized. Rather the process is hijacked by the financiers of the electoral process and the electorate
participation is all but vain. The elected leaders end up paying the piper, who evidently is not the people.
And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year,
and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler. These words in
Jeremiah concerning the period ascribed for the destruction of Babylon identifies this period further. The first rumour
was certainly the year 2000 and all the rumour that was about it. This second rumour is about the year 2012, and there
certainly is violence in the land, and ruler is against ruler. The year 2012 has witnessed an unfair large share of electoral
processes. Anyone caring to investigate will find this to be so, and that the electoral process pits leaders against one
another is obvious, with or without violence.
In the selfsame hour that the two witnesses are called up to heaven refers to 15 ordinary days before or after the 16th
of November 2012. The earthquake of that hour will destroy a tenth of the great city, and kill of men 7000, which
indicates the number slain of the earthquake to be ‘perfectly’ immense and of the Lord’s judgment. The remnants, of
whom, it is our hope that we shall be, will therefore acknowledge the fear of God in their beholding, and give glory to
God. The tenth part of the city likewise refers to the judgmental nature of this event. Likewise the areas the earthquake
will destroy is encoded as the great city, spiritually called Sodom, and Egypt and where our Lord was crucified.
The sin of Sodom was fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness, neglecting and oppressing the poor, failing to give
glory to God. Immoral sexual relations were just a symptom of their iniquity. The chief target of this earthquake
therefore is the rich world nations which rest on their lees and forget that God is Judge. They are spiritual Sodom.
Spiritual Egypt is cognizance of the kingdoms and nations from which the children of God are being called from,
technically the ambient secular world. These also mainly represent the lands from which the process of spiritual
reformation began and still continues. These nations, like the pharaoh of old pursued Israel after he had left Egypt with
intent to destroy and reclaim, likewise by great and marvellous craft pursue the children of faith. But as the army of
Egypt then was decimated at the crossing of the red sea, these too are destined for destruction in like manner.
The third is where also our Lord was crucified, which distinguishes the region of Palestine, as was in the AD 749
earthquake to be re-enacted. However, this place where also our Lord was crucified could refer to all and any region on
earth where the teachings of Jesus Christ as the Messiah is not only rejected entirely, but crucified each time. This
region, by and large, resound synonymously with the Middle East, with its prevalent faiths of Islam and Jewry that
categorically refuse to accept Jesus Christ to be the Messiah as promised. Nominal Christianity likewise by its failures
has forgotten to accord glory to the Messiah, and have betrayed Him in their form of godliness, described as that which
denies the power of God. Nations that support atheism and evolutionary mentality while clinging to a form of religion
are clearly depicted.
So as one must discern, the great city is the whole earth, and the tenth of the earth will be affected and destroyed in
this cataclysmic event. This great city is analogous with spiritual Babylon, whose major components are as above
enumerated. Yet they who watch upon the earth are fallen into slumber, the scientists who suppose they can early
identify the earthquakes process and advice on mitigation measures have not spoken. Their devises have certainly been
disappointed and they have no vision of what is about to befall their habitations. Nor has their prophets had vision,
except for their vague sooth sayings and wizardly mutterings, that there soon will be a great earthquake. These
prophets do not ascribe any reference to the scriptures but to dreams, and neither can state with any authority
whatsoever, the time scales nor locations of impeding catastrophe. They do not reference the glory to God but to
themselves. The vagueness of their pronunciations is akin to the muttering of wizardly, which bears no meaning until
the event is past, whereupon they select those mutterings that would fit the event out of their zillions of probabilities.
On the physical aspect of the signs, the regions that these could be seen, as numerous and diversified in location as
they happen to be, so will the great earthquake sweep with destruction. The transit of Venus, as well s the annular
eclipse of May 2012 covered the selfsame areas from which they could be seen from. Australia for one, the Pacific and
the Western coasts of the USA and Canada, the regions of the far Eastern Asia as in Eastern China and Japan, Europe
Middle East and the eastern regions of Africa are indicated at various degrees. The Sodom factor is recognized in the
boisterous wealth of the USA, Australia, Europe, and Asia. The Egypt factor is recognized in Europe. The rejection of
Christ is prevalent in all religions that teach not of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why most of Africa, the Eastern Coast of the
USA, the South American continent and other regions are spared this deluge is God’s mystery, and not to suppose that
these are any better in their regard of God. However, from the UNISDR report on disaster reduction, the trial of the rich
nations of the world is effected to give them the chance that they can foretell and mitigate the effects of calamity
because they are rich. As they also are the most heavily insured regions of the world, the disaster will completely
overwhelm the insurance industry and with it the banking sector, bringing both to collapse.
These are the events that the clear word of God refers to our day. From this event will follow in quick succession the
other prophesied events, such as the passing of martial law in various regions of the world and the incursion of foreign
military forces into the Middle East and Jerusalem. As has been evidenced in the looting and lawlessness that
accompany disaster in those zones, martial law will be quickly passed on this wise. The region of Israel, Palestine and
the surrounding, given its perpetual political instability will likewise warrant quick intervention by the United Nations
and at that NATO, to closely monitor the peace and offer humanitarian assistance. In both instances, the abomination
of desolation, (let he who reads understand) will have entered where he ought not to enter. And in reference to the
words in Daniel, a further 1290, and 1335 days countdown commences at that time. The time of great trouble such as
was not since there was a nation, nor ever shall be.
Likewise discern the times, that it is Michael who rises at the time of these events to defend the Children of God. It is
not the Anti-Christ that is to come, but Michael, he who defends the children of God standing up. The Anti-Christ we
have been with all along, and is well known among those who seek knowledge, and does not rise to power at the
standing up of Michael, but having been in power all along, begins to meet his fate of destruction, and in the dying man
who clutches at a straw, so does he in enacting of the latter futile wars against the servants of God. The time of Babylon
is up, and that too of its king, the Anti-Christ.
Regard these words with sobriety and great fearfulness. Now the redemption of the righteous certainly is at the door.
Jesus Christ, God eternally is zealous to guide

this wonderful salvation to its culmination. Why are you still not decided

on what future to chose? The only way to this future is to acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Master for

without Him, how shall anyone escape the damnation of hell?







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