Diaspora to file lawsuit against Government of Kenya over Voting Rights


NOVEMBER 28, 2012–Following the decision by the Kenyan Government to deny the Diaspora to vote in the 2013 election,
Kenyan Diaspora Leadership Assembly (KDLA )met on Tuesday November 27th . The meeting resolved that the Diaspora, acting in unison, should file a lawsuit at the High Court of Kenya as soon as is practicable.
To involve the key Diaspora organizations and stakeholders, a larger meeting is scheduled for Friday November 30th, 9pm EST. The meeting will be aired live over KPV Radio http://kenyaprogressivevoice.org/. Panelists should connect with host on Skype id KPVR2010.
To be in the panel and for more information, please contact Comfort Munoru Mwangi 904 418 2608###

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