Diaspora Senate aspirant’s farewell and fundraiser

A few months ago I formally announced my campaign for the Senate seat in Siaya County.   I am truly honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve the citizens Kenya. As a longtime resident Siaya County with over 11 years in school administration and of public service as a school teacher/ principal and once an election returning officer in Marakwet District, representing the area I chose to make my home, has been a dream of mine for many years.  Colleagues, friends, and family have graciously supported my new political career with prayers, words of advice and through financial contributions.  Many of you have been right there with time over the past months.  But now, maybe more than ever, I need to ask you again for your continued prayers, your ideas and your financial support and of course, your vote through your friends and relatives in Siaya County. I am very proud of the support and confidence that people of Siaya and beyond have accorded me in my there trips that I have made back and forth to Kenya since this August of this year.  My campaign policies and ideologies and stand on tough issues reflect progressive, caring and independent minded values.  I believe strongly in: Less Taxes – More Personal Property Rights – Good Environmental Stewardship – Constitutional Rights –  Less Bureaucracy – Maintaining and Preserving Security, proper medical services for all, , and senior citizen Benefits –  Worker Rights – Support of zero tolerance to poverty and ignorance – food security – small scale businesses  in every Ward in the county –Full Funding of Education – Permanent Elimination of the nepotism. 

I believe we live in the Diaspora can make the best for our beloved motherland Kenya and make it the best country in the world.

Over the next months, the dynamics of this senatorial campaign will be both exciting and challenging for not only myself but for my family and friends.  It is the friends and citizens like you have supported me in many ways in the past and I am hoping I can count on you again.


The simple theme and message of the Awuor FOR SENATE campaign is bringing government back home!  I truly believe honesty, integrity, and hard work wins every time.  I want the Kenya government to know that they work for the people; the people do not work for the bureaucrats.


With your generous support I am confident that together we will win this race for the Senate Seat In Siaya.  Won’t you please take a moment and consider the importance financially Supporting Awuor. Come and share of just post your check to the address above. My phone number is 3127720586.


As always thank you for your kindness and generosity and together we can bring government back home.

In service I remain…independent, Compassionate, and Caring.

Best Regards,

placida awuor

Contribution Letter and Mini Fundraising event December 15 2012 at 3pm t0 10pm in Hyde park.5140 South Hyde Pak Blvd, APT. 11A, Chicago, Il 60615



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