Humor: Your stomach is a fool, it does not matter what you put in it

Humor: Your stomach is a fool, it does not matter what you put in it

Humor: Your stomach is a fool, it does not matter what you put in itDear friends,

I bring you  greetings during this time of the year when we celebrate the good gifts of life with thankful hearts.

Great Christmas Memory – please read on . . .

My family just ended a long weekend of quiet, peace and thankfulness to God for the many blessings of the last 15 years of our stay in this great country. As I cerebrated this Thanks Giving holiday and witnessed the Black Friday shopping frenzy, I thought of my childhood days in an obscure village in East Africa. I recalled that Christmas had a great significance to us children in two major ways: It was the only time we got to eat a balanced meal and in a sizeable quantity. During the year, no one cared what we ate so long as we had something going down to our stomachs before we retired to bed – usually a piece of boiled cassava tuber, a serving of a sweet potato and a drink of water to match, or just a serving of Githeri (a mix of corn and beans). When the family could afford it, a serving of Ugali and Sukuma Wiki (corn bread dough and fried collard) was a very welcome occasion. My mother used to tell us, “Your stomach is a fool, it does not matter what you put in it.” This meant, so long as you satisfied your hunger, you were just fine eating anything she offered. Lunch was a luxury enjoyed only by those who joined high school. Also, it was during Christmas that a new shirt was bought for the boys and a simple dress for the girls. It was the only time of the year that a new piece of cloth was acquired. It is certainly hilarious but I can remember pants were compensated for by an oversized shirt that reached down below the knees for most pre-adolescent boys.

Humor-Your stomach is a fool

I tell you this story to make an important point to you, although my kids emphatically state that, “You lived during a pre-historic time dad.” (Actually, yesterday they had an interesting discovery of what they referred to as a pre-historic writing machine – the type-writer). I want to state to you my friend that even at this time; there are millions of children that live in similar state of poverty demonstrated in this brief story and even worse today for some of them. Child Aid Africa has met these children and we really know it is a matter of fact. Children who have lost their mother and father are hopelessly desperate and need help. In Child Aid Africa, we realize we are an effective change agent that gives hope to the children for a new lease. We minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ and extend our hand of assistance for the orphaned and vulnerable child to earn an education. We employ an effective model of child empowerment, transformation, and poverty alleviation – the Gospel intermix with the education opportunity!  Our model is empirically proven to be an effective strategy for empowering children to break the multi-generational cycle of poverty and disease.

Humor-Your stomach is a fool

Have you heard of the ‘Charity Giving Tuesday’: The Start of A holiday Tradition?

I would like to humbly remind you about tomorrow the newly branded “Charity Giving Tuesday.” I would like to remind you that we desperately need you to include us in your giving tomoorow as well as in your annual giving. With the help of our many partners and donors like you, Child Aid Africa has been carrying our mission on very effectivelly! For six years now, we have witnessed the fruits of our good labors as we have witnessed first-hand the changes that have occurred as graduates from our program have joined local and international colleges in large numbers. We are truly thankful for your support our friend in this great ministry. We would like to encourage you to not only continue to supporting us, but as the Lord continues to prosper you, to add your level of giving to us say, by 25%, or 50%; better still, by 100%. There are many orphaned and desperate children in Kenya, Uganda, Southern Sudan, DRC, Rwanda, Tanzania and other parts of Africa, that given the opportunity that Child Aid Africa provides, will be the instruments that God will use to change families, communities and society in great need.

If you have read my mail to this point, you are certainly welcome as a team member with us. I urge you to visit our website –, click the donate button and proceed on to offer your gift for the sake of these children. We shall accept any size of gift – $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, and so on. Please do not be left out this Tuesday to make a difference in the life of an orphaned child in great need. If you would rather send us your check, please send it to: Child Aid Africa, 551 Roslaire Drive, and Hummelstown PA 17036.

Thank you and God bless you for your gift.

Dr.Michael Mbito

Humor: Your stomach is a fool, it does not matter what you put in it

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