Igembe woman collapses after receiving SMS

Sunday, November 18, 2012 – Short message services are still new in Kenya and for sure mistakes often happen especially when sending messages. At a village in Igembe an elderly woman collapsed after receiving an SMS from an unknown person.


Apparently a man had made a mistake and sent a message that was meant for his wife to the elderly woman.


The message read:


“Mke wangu mpenzi, najua utashangaa kuona sms hii. Huku nako kuna mtandao kama huko. Mimi nimefika salama na matayarisho ya wewe kuja huku kesho nimeyakamilisha na hivi nakusibiri sana kwa hamu honey!”


(My wife I know you will get surprised to see this sms, there is network here too just like there. I have arrived safely and have finished preparations for you to travel tomorrow. I am waiting for you, honey!)


The message shocked the woman as she thought that it was her deceased husband who had sent her the message and waiting for her to die the following day and join him.


The sons of the woman called the man who was very apologetic and informed them that he had travelled to their rural home and was waiting for his darling wife and he had made a mistake with the numbers.


Source:The Kenyan DAILY POST

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