Kenyan Actress Disappointed at Nigerian Nomination at Kalasha Awards


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Kenyan actress Lizz Njagah has revealed that she was very shocked that Nigerian actress Rita Dominic was part of the Kalasha awards nominee list. Rita, a Nollywood superstar, was the lead actress in a movie titled Shattered.

“I do not know what criteria they used but I just found it funny that a Nigerian was nominated for a Kenyan award. I do not dispute that she is a very good actress but for her to be nominated for the best actress category in Kenya?” Lizz told Word Is.

She however approved and congratulated the other nominees saying that she was impressed by the new faces. “The rest of the actors and actresses really deserved it. It is good to give thespians a chance to up so as to encourage them,”she added.

Lizz and her husband and film maker, Alex Konstantaras had submitted their latest Movie; The Return of Lazarus but it was not nominated.

” I do not know what happened, maybe it was not Kenyan enough as it was acted in Greece. We are not bitter though because we do not do it to get awards but for the love of it.

Besides last time, one of our productions, Me, My Wife and her Guru, won an award for Best Short Film,”she said. The actress also revealed that she has been shooting some scenes for the Nigerian TV series, Tinsel, in Kenya.

Source:The Star

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