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When he came into my life i was quick to notice that he was a different kind of lover compared to all the lovers i have had in my entire life, or the ones i have read about or heard from people both men and women. He was unique because he did not ask me my name, because he knew it already, he did not ask what i do for a living , hobby, my favorite sports, or my best restaurant, he knew all that about me.
He did not ask me who i had been with, because it did not matter to him, he did not ask where i had been; he did not seem to care about my past, my failures or my imperfections. When i told him i needed to change first before we became friends he responded and said " I want you the way you are, just come the way you are." With all my guilt, shame, condemnation and rejection, i agreed reluctantly to go with him, then a few days later, as he stretched his hands out to me, as he did every morning and through-out the day i noticed the wounds on his hands, and i asked how he got them, and why , he said" For me to have you as mine, they nailed me on the cross, they tortured me hoping i could give up on you, but my love for was deep, and still is. So i choose these wounds, so i can be here with you."
I fell on my knees and asked " what do you want from me" how can I ever repay you for all you have done for me?" to which he responded " love me, stay with me, just be my friend, as for me i have a covenant with you, i will never leave you, i pray you do the same" Friend i have never found a man that loves like Jesus, one who cares like him. Even if I died he says he will raise me up to be with him forever. What kind of man is this? So i choose to love and follow him, serve him with all my heart, how about you? Have you known him intimately, have tested his passionate love over you? Try him, you will find him trustworthy


 Vessel For Honor International Ministries

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