Meet the top Kenyan “O” Level Student in UK this year. Miss Grace Gitau of Clifton, Nottingham City. Grace (centre) achieved 7 A* and 4 As making a total of 11 As. Grace is a student at Blue Coat Academy in Nottingham where she has joined A-Level. She is a daughter of Mr. Julius Gitau Miringu (left) and his wife Mrs. Jacinta Gitau. Kenyan Achievers night is coming up in London on 15th December, 2012 and Grace will be one of the nominees.



Meet Sheila Mburu, a Kenyan Achiever in UK



Sheila attended the University of Nottingham and studied Biochemistry and Genetics, attaining an MSci degree in the subject. She has always had a keen interest in science and healthcare, particularly public health in developing countries. Throughout university, Sheila was involved in several voluntary and community outreach programmes. Among them was a mentorship scheme in which she mentored troubled young people living in a crime-wrought area of Nottingham. Additionally, she volunteered at the Nottingham Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre in which she assisted Multiple Sclerosis sufferers as they underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment. Prior to graduation, she also gained a competitive role as a Student Associate for the programme Aim Higher, a scheme set up to encourage students who were underrepresented in higher education to attend university. After 4 years at university, Sheila graduated with 2:1 honours intercalated undergraduate and master’s degree in Biochemistry and Genetics.


 Upon graduation, Sheila was selected by Powerful Media as one of the 100 most promising black graduates in the United Kingdom. The list was published in the prestigious ‘Future Leaders’ magazine and sponsored by Deloitte, Barclays Capital, Google and the University of Cambridge. Additionally, the event was supported by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and featured on ITV news.


Currently, Sheila works for a pharmaceutical consultancy company as a trainee pharmacokinetics modeller. She has ambitions to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry, but eventually hopes to settle on a career in the public health field. She has a passion for healthcare communications, and has recently set up a Twitter page dedicated to disseminating health and pharmaceutical news to the general public, and hopes to build her brand with a blog and more.


To follow her updates, please follow @Mburu_health on Twitter and look out for upcoming news on the development of her blog


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