Video:Kenyan Orphans reenact 1987 NBA Playoffs for Wonderful Cause


A group, Lift the Children, put together this excellent video in which Kenyan orphans re-create one of the greatest moments in NBA history, the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals. The group of children put on a show, full with fans, teams and officials.

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One of the most renowned moments in NBA history is quickly becoming a great reason for fans all over the world to smile anew. 

A tip of the hat to The Basketball Jones for spotting this video of Kenyan orphans reenacting Game 5 of the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals. 

Before we continue, we have to note this video is for a great cause that you can contribute to here, a fundraiser to help this orphanage of 200 kids get a playing field. 

The video is produced by Grace Care Orphanage and features 150 of the kids who live and learn in its confines. 

The YouTube description has more details of the impetus behind this wonderful reenactment. 

GRACE CARE CENTRE is home to over 200 children. There is nowhere for them to safely access a playing field. Please help turn their dreams into reality by contributing to this campaign, so the orphanage can purchase a field they desperately need.
…100% of proceeds received by Lift The Children will be donated to the GRACE CARE CENTRE in their quest to purchase a field. Additional funds raised will go towards the ongoing funding of the basic needs of other Lift the Children sponsored orphanages.

The description goes on to say the kids have resorted to a game they invented that involves kicking rocks, a game borne of their cramped play area. 

To help their efforts in securing donations, the kids have thrown together this accurate depiction of the waning moments of the iconic game when Larry Bird steals an inbounds pass and lays it off to Dennis Johnson for the winner. 

There may still be enough magic in that moment to get some NBA fans the field they so very much need


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