‘I am in the race to the end’ says Mudavadi


Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has declared he will remain focused and will continue with the journey to seek support of Kenyans to be the fourth president of Kenya.

Addressing a rally at Nabongo grounds Mudavadi said he has not been distracted and will go to the wire urging his supporters to remain firm and move forward together because the journey continues.

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“I am continuing with my presidential campaign and will go to the end.

There are those who wanted to distract me but I remain focused and will seek support of Kenyans to offer the leadership of national reconciliation, unity and prosperity”, he said.

He said contrally to some distracters belief, UDF party will present a candidate the other partners failed to honour their side of the agreement.

“They thought that they have put me in a corner the way it happened in 2002 but this time I am clever enough. When they started to hesitate I told them to go their way and I continue with my journey to state house”, he told supporters at Khwisero.

Mudavadi cautioned Kenyans to elect leaders whose words are bankable so as to build a respectable nation which enjoys positive reputation in the eyes of international community.

He said the type of leaders who cannot keep agreement they have owned to have initiated cannot with entrusted with the leadership of the Country.

“We want to build a respectable nation with leaders whose words are bankable. Kenyans have the ultimate responsibility to decide the next leaders but be wary of leaders who cannot keep even promise with legal backing”, he advised.

He was accompanied by UDF allied MPs Shoita Shitanda, Manyalla Keya, George Nyamweya, and George Khaniri when he addressed supporters at Chavakali, Kilingili, Khwisero, Manyuria and Butere.

The legislators urged the locals to have faith and remain united behind Mudavadi because his journey in the race to be the next president is still on track.

Khalwale urged Kenyans to elect men and women who have the interests of the poor at heart because the interests of the rich will be taken care off by their money.

He said a community should not be blamed for the wrong of an individual.

“Those who think their communities number can propel them to presidency will be shocked. The people are more clever than such leaders”, reiterated Khalwale.


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