Video:Kenyan woman accused of beating elderly man in MD, refuses 5 year jail term deal


Both sides were about to agree to the deal. Anastasia Oluoch would serve five years for beating a 90-year-old man, until the defendant herself said in the last minute she would not take the deal.

Oluoch’s charges stem from a video that John Taylor’s daughter set up to monitor his care. He has since passed away, but his daughter Jaki vowed she would always get justice for him.

If you remember Oluoch fled the country ahead of her original court date back in 2007 only to be extradited from Africa back to Baltimore to face these charges.

Today in court, Taylor and her family were hoping for eight to ten years for the former caretaker even almost agreeing to the five offered until Oluoch passed on the deal which now triggers a full jury trial scheduled for next year.

Taylor’s daughter says if that is the way she wants to play it, she’ll be there every step of the way.

Jaki says “I can’t even say how much my dad has done for me in my life, it is the least I can do is to see this thing through and I will be here as many times, as many days as many weeks, months it takes to get this thing resolved and to find justice for him, that is what I am about. ”

The trial is now set for February 21, 2013. While disappointed in today’s developments, Jaki Taylor is not shocked hoping a jury trial will land Oluoch in prison for at least as long as the deal posed this afternoon.

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