‘Starved’ wife torches husband’s hut

A family in Kapsimbol Village in Bomet County is living in the cold after husband and wife set their family houses on fire in what could be described as “hormonal hyperactivity”.

It emerged that the two have been living in different huts for more than five years in what the husband intended to be a birth control measure. The father of five had seen how fast his house was filling up with children and decided to adopt the most reliable method of birth control — abstinence.

He constructed a new hut where he started spending nights alone. The plan worked well until this Christmas season when their next-door neighbour invited the couple for a busaa drinking session ‘to end the year well’ at their home. Things went on smoothly until the evening hours when they decided to go home.


However, the wife, only identified as Rusi, allegedly followed her husband into his hut, her loins probably fired up by the busaa that they had taken throughout the day. She was overheard by neighbours drunkenly imploring the husband to allow her into the hut so that they could ‘end the year well and forget the five long years’.

Despite her pleas, the stubborn man refused to accept her request but instead forced her out of the house. The woman was angered and in retaliation, she decided to torch the man’s hut.

The enraged husband ran out of the house with a few of his belongings as he screamed for help from neighbours. But before they could respond, a witness says that his wife was heard bragging that finally, her husband will have nowhere to hide from her.


Realising she had burnt his hut so as to blackmail him into sharing a bed, he stopped asking for help and instead set the ‘wife’s hut’ also on fire while swearing that he had better sleep under a tree than see another crying baby.

The two grass-thatched huts burnt like cinder and in a few minutes, the roofs were gone as neighbours helplessly watched the flames lick the houses.

The local chief John Cheruiyot said that this is a case of arson or deliberate destruction of property and promised to deal with the couple as soon as the festivities are over. Elders are, however, seeking a ‘homemade’ solution that doesn’t involve serikali (Government).

Close relatives took in the couple’s children, while the pair spent the night in the maize store, which remained unscathed during the incident.


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