American pastor to attend Kenyan peace initiative conference in Mombasa


The Kenya National Congress of Pentecostal Churches & Ministries that was recently founded by Bishop  (Dr.) Stanley Michuki,brother of the later former minister John Michuki  has been expanding  in Kenya. They were able to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and constitutional affairs to offer civic education to the masses in Kenya.

The Congress has organized the first major  peace rally  in Mombasa starting on the 17th to 19th February.The Guest speaker is Dr. David Anderson, the senior pastor and founder of Bridgeway community Church in Columbia, Maryland . He is also an author and a radio show host.

For a long time, Kenya was  considered as an island of peace in a region of turmoil. In sharp contrast to what was happening in the neighboring countries such as Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and the entire Great Lakes region, Kenya was truly an island of peace, a mediator and arbitrator of conflicts in its neighborhood and continues to play such important roles especially in Somalia and Sudan.

As a result of the outcome of the 2007/2008 post election violence,the Kenya congress of Pentecostal churches and ministries felt that  proactive conflict prevention should be enhanced to foster peace in Kenya especially during this time leading to March 4th General election.The Congress objectives and goals are:

a) Identify conflict systems, trends and dynamics in Kenya and how the church can facilitate coexistence.

b) To set up training and workshops on peace and conflict management in every county as well as peace ambassadors who will available as mediators.

c) To utilize the church platforms and structure to propagate peace and enhance social coexistence and to consolidate peace in the country.

d) Identify key stakeholders in conflict prevention including their respective comparative advantages and possible synergies

e) Participate in the ongoing peace efforts including putting structures in place which involve churches communities and other actors .

f) organize city wide forum, peace prayer rallies and marches in order to proclaim peace and enhance unity of purpose.

Many Kenyans who are concerned with peace in Kenya are supporting the initiative with moral and financial support. Bridgeway Community Church which has many Kenyans in the congregation has a donation page where tax deductible contributions are given. To support the initiative,click tax deductible donation online.

By Isaac Kariuki,

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