Kenyan man stranded and frustrated in Austria

Kenya Embassy in Austria frustrates a fellow Kenya.A Kenyan, Mr. James Maina Kamotho, 54, is a frustrated man in Austria. He wish to go home and join his family after many years away from home but he cannot. Mr. Kamotho entered UK in 2005 through Austria and settled in Reading where he is well known by the Kenyan community in Reading as Uncle. On October 29th last year (2012) Mr. Kamotho was arrested by the UK immigration and deported to Austria where he passed on his way to the UK in 2005. After his arrival in Austria without any documents, Mr. Kamotho decided to look for the Kenya Embassy in Vienna, Austria for a travel documents which would enable him to travel back home to his family. Little did Mr. Kamotho knew that it was the beginning of his problems in a foreign land. When he explained about his problems at the embassy he was directed to the Kenyan diplomat in-charge of immigration by the name Mr. Onyango who issues the travel documents.

Calmly Mr. Kamotho introduced himself to the diplomat: “My name is James Maina Kamotho, a Kenyan previously living in UK. What is your name? Kamotho asked the diplomat.” Before Mr. Kamotho finished his introduction he was interrupted by the diplomat – who started behaving like a 1965 headmaster in Kenya: “Stop, it is not you business to know me. Who are you and what do you want?” the diplomat asked. Mr. Kamotho explained to him his story which landed him to look as if he has committed murder. “Even if I issue you with a travel documents now, you will have problems  in Kenya where they will detain you for more verification.” the diplomat explained. The two and half hours interview started with all kinds of  questions – where were you born, what is the name of your chief, headman, your father’s name, your mother’s name…. endless questions.   All this did not bear fruits to Mr. Kamotho. He could not get help without any documents even after speaking all the Kiswahili and Kikuyu he knew to prove that he is from Kenya. Frustrated without money and food he turned to a charitable organisation in Austria which help immigrates to travel back to their homes of origin.

The organisation agreed to pay the air ticket to Kenya but without the documents he cannot travel. Mr. Kamotho was given a room to stay 620 kilometres from Vienna where the Kenya embassy is located. The Austrian government gives him 40 euros a month which is not even enough to travel to Vienna to pursue his travel documents at the Kenya embassy. From the day he arrived in Austria he has been struggling to go home in vain. Back to the Kenya Embassy in Vienna where he explained that he had a Kenyan Identity Card in Kenya. The diplomat asked him to produce his ID and he would issue him with the travel documents. Mr. Kamotho’s ID was sent from Kenya to Auustria. When it arrived at the embassy, the diplomat told him that he cannot issue the travel document with a scanned document. The original ID was sent through DHL and it arrived last week. When Mr. Kamotho took the ID to the diplomat the diplomat told him that he cannot issue the travel documents with it. He explained that the Austrian Police have to take finger prints from him, send it to Kenya to be verified  that he is a Kenyan before issuing him with a travel document. Three months down the line the Kenyan embassy has not helped the poor Kenyan who just want to travel back to his country.

Mr. Kamotho has faced alot of problems in Austria where he explains there is a lot racism. While travelling with a train to the Kenya Embassy last week, he was confronted by police  in the train. They searched him to the point of telling him to remove his trouser where passengers protested to the officers. It has been very hard for this Kenyan in Austria. “I am very much frustrated Mr. Seed and I am in a point of breaking down asking myself, what did I do wrong. I am only asking for a travel document from embassy here. They have treated me like a murderer and I wonder even if I had committed murder I should be taken to court and charged instead of being frustrated the way I have been frustrated.” Mr. Kamotho explained. Mr. Kamotho comes from Ngamwa Village, Rutune Location, Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri, Kenya. The poor Kenyan is financially broke and cannot even afford to call home or any other place for assistance. If you would like to help him financially, with prayers, morally, ideas or any other help of how he can travel home, please contact him on +4368181193072. We will keep you updated with this story.


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