The Presidential Debate: Village Talk

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) in Kijabe:The candidates for president talked to some Kenyans and each other for a few hours. To some Kenyans because the women in Kilifi did not understand the language. Every body was expecting Uhuru Kenyatta not to attend but were presently surprised when he finally showed up. 

The question that must be answered is, what difference did it make if any to the voters? The fact is, NONE. However, to be fair, it is important to note that several issues were resolved.
First, the candidates could do nothing to change anything, in any way or form during their years as leaders. Hon Raila Ondinga blamed the government and Martha Karua blamed the parliament.
Second, nothing can be done about the land problem. Kibera land issue, which many Kenyans did not know, was discussed and the conclusion was typically Kenyan: They did, they went, they believe, they could, but they could not! I learned however that Kibera is a Numbian word meaning forest. The modern meaning is, CHAOS! Uhuru did confirm the obvious. He said that, “My family has land. Lots of legal land! Any question.?” Raila acknowledged that Uhuru inherited the land and it belongs to his family. Martha Karua acknowledged that she was a typical politician: exaggeration, misrepresentation, and out right lies. No one owns half of the country! The only villager to speak to the hearts of the people was Dida; But he will not win the presidency!
Driving to Nairobi this morning, I passed through a road construction site. A women near the sight was preparing her cups and plastic buckets. She will be selling “Uji” to the men workers today. Then she will take a matatu home. On the 4th of march she will vote. If she is a luhya, she will vote for Mdavadi. If a Kikuyu, she will vote for Kenyatta. And if she is a Luo, she will vote for Ondinga. Then on the 5th of March 2013 Kenyans will have the winner who will prove again that in Kenya, the best tribal coalition WINS!
Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD), SYR Radio/TV, Director International Desk. Diaspora Messenger Contributor.

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