Video:Jubilee slams rivals over civil servants claims


NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 22 – The Jubilee Alliance on Friday asked its opponents to stop using propaganda and intimidation of public officers with accusations of partisan campaigns, and instead direct the political battle at the alliance and its leaders.

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Speaking during a meeting with Muslims at the Sir Ali Muslim Sports Club in Nairobi, Jubilee presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta challenged his opponents to concentrate on their campaigns and stop looking for scapegoats.

“March 4 is not far. Let us canvas for votes peacefully, let everyone ask for votes but this thing of propaganda should stop for the sake of peace and for the development of Kenya,” Kenyatta implored.

His running mate William Ruto said Jubilee has been conducting its own campaigns and did not require government help to do what it has competitively been doing across the country.

“The Jubilee coalition does not need the support of the provincial administration or (Head of Civil Service Francis) Kimemia to win this election. We want to ask our competitors to compete with us; let them leave public servants including chiefs out of this contest, they should compete with us. They have seen we are winning this election then they are looking for public servants to scorn them because they appear to be losing,” he said.

He said public servants like other Kenyans have their own personal preferences and cannot be forced to support anybody as per the constitution.

In the last few days Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s CORD has accused Kimemia of campaigning for Jubilee.

Kenyatta and Ruto who were accompanied by their supporters urged the Muslim community to vote peacefully on March 4 and be ready to accept the outcome of the results.

They once again promised that whether they win or lose the election, they will accept the results to ensure the country does not take the route of 2008 that led to violence.

The Jubilee team later met matatu operators at the Moi Sports centre in Kasarani.

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