Video:Kenyans hit back at ‘demeaning’ video that went viral

Jimmy Kimmel’s controversial video of Kenyans reading American celebrity tweets has gotten a response of equal measure by Diaspora Kenyans.

The 10 Min Fix crew, a US based production team which features Diaspora Kenyans, recorded Americans in Las Vegas reading tweets by Kenyan celebrities. The two minute clip has gone viral in Kenya, receiving over 3,141 views in 24 hours.

Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel had at the end of January featured Kenyans reading American celebrity tweets. The clip, which was supposed to be humorous, received massive backlash from Kenyans both at home and abroad.

Many decried Kimmel’s introductory remarks where he stated that there is no Twitter in Kenya; while many others criticized the clip for patronising Kenyans.

“So offended by this I am a Kenyan who can testify that: 1. We have internet, 2. We have Twitter. I’m such a fan of Jimmy Kimmel, that it upsets me that he would play this knowing that he has so many fans, not just in the States but across the world” commented June Mutahi.

Others condemned the show for perpetuating stereotypes about Africa.

“I’m Kenyan and I know how to use YouTube, and I also have a Twitter account. You people should stop assuming people in Africa are still running around in loin clothes, have no knowledge of the internet and can’t speak proper English!” asserted Jonathan Content.

And in the midst of the angry rants some lashed out at Kenyans for being unable to stomach a lighthearted joke.

“OMG Kenyans, take a joke. They make fun of their own people too…? You guys are overly too sensitive,” said Ian Waweru.

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