Why you need to pray for Kenya

In life, defining the “why” of things brings clarity and understanding to a situation, circumstance or problem. The “why” keeps you focused on the purpose to which you are carrying out the activity or role. Now brethren this year the Nation of Kenya  is celebrating its 50th anniversary since gaining independence from the British colonial rule and next Month March 4th  2013, Kenyans go to the polls to elect their political leaders. As many of you remember, in 2007 the elections led to bloodshed. Tribes rose against one another, people who had lived together as brothers and sisters for decades denied each other, many lost homes and business, loved ones, and many were left homeless and until today have remained homeless in fear of going back to face death. As people of God we have a responsibility to cry out to God for peaceful elections. I believe that the Lord loves Kenya as a nation and its people. So why should you pray for Kenya? We should pray because Kenya’s destiny is in the hands of God’s people. Many prophecies have gone out about Kenya playing a role towards the kingdom of God not only in the continent of Africa, but the world. Another reason why you need to pray for Kenya is we do not need a repeat of the last elections.

When the Lord speaks to particular nation, country or a community of people, He does so by speaking to His people. These are those that are called by His name and who call upon Him as their God and Lord. Not only do they call on the Lord for their individual lives, but even as the God over that particular nation they reside in. As the Psalmist says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, The people He has chosen as His own inheritance.” (Psalm 33:12) So it is true to say that the destinies of nations are in the hands of God’s people. Any Nation’s blessings will begin with Godliness that is practiced by individual families; the godliness that flows through the hearts of parents at home trickles down to the children. This eventually determines the kind of nation we have because the family is the fundamental unit of society. It is true as the Bible tells us to train the child in the way he should go and when they are adults they will not depart from it.

Why does God speak to His people concerning the destiny of a particular country? It is because God always speaks to those who indentify themselves with him; those who are in relationship with him, and those in right standing with him. The problems we face in our nation can be resolved by God’s people first humbling themselves. God has a chosen people in the nation ofKenya, and He a chosen people also who are not inKenyaand might not be Kenyans, and He has given them a burden for the nation ofKenya. Those who have been chosen to be his people must cease from their sins, turn from living lives of proud self-centeredness, pray to the Lord, and yield their desires to his Word and his will. Then, and only then, will He hear their cry and bring healing to the land. It is very true thatKenyadoes not only need peaceful elections, it also needs healing from the wounds incurred in the last elections. So God is looking for you to stand in the gap, you are his chosen one; and you are the one He is counting on you to fast and pray. We need Divine intervention to bring this country back to being a God-fearing and peaceful Christian nation.

Our heavenly Father tells us what to do. God says in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that we should humble ourselves. God will visit us when we as His people go to Him in desperation, and surrender our pride and the notion that we can do all things without Him. Humbling ourselves will involve us getting down on our knees and admitting things are not as they should be. Only then God will come to our aid.  You and I know one truth that, there is a God, and we are not Him. The peace we have enjoyed in the past, did not come from us, but from him. So let us bring ourselves low and exalt God. Then he says we need to seek his face, which means desire an audience with Him. Seek what His will is in the coming election. As the Lord speaks, let us do what he asks us to do. The blessing is not in doing what we think He is saying, but obeying and doing what He says we do. In the book of Genesis God informed Abraham about the destruction ofSodomandGomorrah. This account should make us realize that God does not go to the people who are sinning. Similarly, He does not go to those who are ready for another round of chaos in the country ofKenya; He goes and speaks to His people. When He went to Abraham, Abraham pled with the Lord concerningSodomandGomorrah. In Genesis 18:22 it says,

 “And the men turned their faces from thence, and went toward Sodom: but Abraham stood yet before the LORD” 23And Abraham drew near, and said, Wilt thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked?” The Lord responded and said “If I find inSodomfifty righteous within the city, then I will spare all the place for their sakes”.  (Genesis 18:26) The interesting truth is this “the Lord will spare all the people of a nation for the sake of the few who are righteous”. The Righteous of the Lord do not take sides with a particular political party, politician or affiliation, tribe or clan; they take sides with God. The righteous are those who vote according the instructions of the Lord, they are led of the Spirit of the Lord. They will not be moved by what they hear or see, but will be moved by what the will hear the Father in heaven say. So child of God you have a role to play in your nation’s future; you can pray and ask the Lord to spare the nation for the sake of the few who fear him.

Fellow Kenyans brothers and sisters in Christ, this is not a time to judge any brother and be ourselves likewise guilty. This is a time to speak with fear and trembling and with tears. Let not pride come and darken our view of ourselves and the great future of our nation. Arrogance will only make us forget our responsibility to stand for what is right and just. Let us ask the Lord to open our spiritual eyes to the pride that might want to seduce us to bear animosity towards others. Pride is like cocaine, it deceives its victims into overconfidence. Let us not abandon our roots; we know what living in peace means, and what inter tribal clashes can lead to. We have been a country known for peace; we have housed many people from our neighboring countries as refugees, and we have watched other nations go through periods of political instability.

We are a peculiar nation in Africa and one of its kind. We are a nation with a vision, dreams and a determination. As we pray, we will not be outnumbered by those who refuse to dream the impossible. Remember those of us who live by faith and not by sight might be the minority. However, be encouraged child of God wherever you are whether in Kenya or in the Diaspora; it is not by mighty nor by power but it is by the Spirit of the Lord. Twelve men were sent to go spy the Promised Land, ten came back with a bad report, they saw the problem, but two saw the solution. The ten were impressed by the size of the men in that land (giants); two were impressed by the size of their God. Choose to see the solution in these elections. Choose to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. God tells the Nation of Israel and us that apart from Him we have no Savior (Isaiah 43:11), no God (Is 44:6), and that there is no God apart from Him (Isaiah 45:5, 21).

Join other Kenyans on Saturday 23rd as we pray  for the Diaspora and our country.Here are the details:

TIME: Time – 9.30 ET, 8.30 CT and 6.30 Pacific time
The teleconference number to call is:
                        218 -862- 7200   and the access Code is: 665639.

By Evangelist Isabella Mwango


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